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Last updated on 5th March 2015

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  • Aston Martin issues a claim in the Hi...

    A recent claim made by luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin at the High Court underlines the need for design focused brands to ensure that they have adequate protection in place for their creations and... read more

    Published: 04.02.15 at 16:32

  • Extended Copyright Licensing: have yo...

    The Ministry of Copyright Cultural and Creators' Assets (also known as MOCA) is a highly specialised consultancy agency that offers more than 25 years expertise and media industry advice on a range of... read more

    Published: 03.10.14 at 12:45

  • Must Be The Music is not The Real Dea...

    Brian Wade and Geraldine Perry devised an idea for a primetime music talent show, to be called The Real Deal, featuring artists who write and perform their own material. The on-screen judges were to be... read more

    Published: 07.08.14 at 17:21


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