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Independent survey on extended collective licensing

Independent survey on extended collective licensing

Published: 09.06.14 at 15:11

The Art & Artifice blog team has drawn our attention to an independent survey on extended collective licensing. The survey invites comments from a variety of creators on the workability of an extended collective licensing scheme, due to be introduced later this year:

"By October this year copyright legislation in the UK will change and authorised legal entities will be able to extend an existing collective licence so that they can license on behalf of all rights holders in the sector, except those who opt out (even if they are not members of a collecting society). This will affect any author who has made their work available online or published their work in print in the UK.

We are a group of visual creators and strategists who want to get answers on the practicalities of how an Extended Collective Licensing scheme might work for authors in particular, what it is that authors and rights owners might be opting out of and how. We want to hear, ideally on mass, from companies and individuals who will most be affected by the legislation; this includes photographers, illustrators, photo agents and representatives, publishers and broadcasters. We are especially interested in hearing for overseas artists on how UK law might affect them. 

We are doing this work voluntarily and will share the information gathered from the survey with relevant parties such as rights holders (if you leave us a way to be in touch), collecting societies and associations across the globe.

We want to give authors on mass the opportunity to have their say on ECL, what you would expect of an opt-out procedure and how you think it may affect your business and that of your photographers and illustrators in the future. We want to enable creators and government to make sound judgment based on research data."

Follow this link to the survey. Also see the UK Government's response to the technical consultation on draft secondary legislation for extended collective licensing (ECL) schemes.

The deadline for responses is 17 June at 12 pm.

Photograph (some rights reserved) by emdot


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