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Gordon Ramsay gets just desserts in Cornetto controversy

13 September 2004

Reuters reports that celeb chef Gordon Ramsay has been forced to drop a dessert from his menu because he called the treat a 'mini cornetto' - angering food giant Unilever, which owns an ice cream brand with the same name.

The London-based Ramsay, famous for his hot temper as well as his Michelin-starred food, had been serving the sweet to diners at his 'Boxwood Cafe' restaurant in Knightsbridge for over 12 months but stopped last week when Unilever's lawyers contacted him to complain.

"The reality of the situation is that Gordon Ramsay wouldn't be very happy if we started selling Gordon Ramsay mayonnaise," said a Unilever spokesman on Wednesday. "Brands are brands. Everybody who has intellectual property in a brand always protects their brand."

Gordon Ramsay, who previously enjoyed a career as a footballer, concocted his dessert based on three scoops of ice cream -- mint chocolate chip, strawberry and banana flavoured -- and gave it a 6 pound price tag. Unilever sells its Cornetto ice cream under the Wall's name and says the brand is No. 2 in the market.

"It was a great dessert and they might try to keep it on the menu but obviously using a different name," said a spokeswoman for Ramsay.

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