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This week's IP news round-up

11 May 2005

Hi there and welcome to this week’s Own It intellectual property news round-up. But before we dive into the news, a quick plea for assistance. We’re looking for interesting IP-related news stories to hep us put together next week’s news round up. If you see anything IP-related on your travels, send it over to and we’ll give you a credit in next week’s edition. Thanks!

And so to the news, and there’s a storm brewing over plans to recreate Live Aid in July to raise awareness of third world debt on the eve of the G8 conference in Gleneagles. Bob Geldof, who organised the original charity event, has said that ‘Live Aid II happens over my dead f****** body.’ Geldof has also warned organisers that he owns the copyright on the name Live Aid and so can prevent them using it.

According to the Times, the stand-off stems from Geldof’s concern that a July concert which will clash with the Wimbledon men’s tennis final will lack impact.

Meanwhile across London a City worker has been jailed for two and a half years for computer piracy. Alex Bell and three others ran the British part of ‘DrinkorDie’, an international ‘cracking’ group which took new software and removed copyright protection. According to The Times, the gang were not in it for the money but rather for the thrill of cracking difficult protection codes. The judge at the Old Bailey said that the cost of Bell’s crimes to the software industry had been “staggering”.

And finally, long time Own It fans may remember an attempt by rivals to force Adidas to remove their distinctive three stripe style from their Olympic clothing. Well, things are about to get much worse for Adidas as Brand Republic is reporting that those same rivals have widened their attack. The group – which includes Puma, Reebok and Nike – are now lodging complaints with the IAAF (athletics), Fifa (football), ATP (tennis) and IRB (rugby). If the challenge is successful then Adidas will have to completely redesign their sports clothing at a cost of millions of pounds. Oh dear.

Until next week…

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