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This week's IP news round-up

11 January 2005

It’s Tuesday, it’s 12 o’clock and it’s time for this week’s Own It intellectual property round up. But first, a quick reminder to take part in our grand IP survey. One lucky respondent will win a Pocket DV5 digital camcorder, courtesy of It could be you.

And now the news…

If you can’t trust theology professors, who can you trust? Priests perhaps. Or doctors. But that’s not the point. The point is that a theology professor in Boston has been ticked off for not adequately crediting material copied from another scholar’s book.

According to the Associated Press, a year-long review by The Boston Psychoanalytic Society ethics committee found that the Rev. William W. Meissner's book "The Ethical Dimension of Psychoanalysis: A Dialogue" had "excessively paraphrased" the work of Syracuse University professor Ernest Wallwork and borrowed ideas without attribution. Naughty.

The Reverend Meissner has denied the allegations, saying his 2003 book appropriately credited Wallwork's 1991 book, "Psychoanalysis and Ethics." AP has the full story.

Meanwhile, in Paris, French customs have seized enough fake Louis Vuitton canvas to make 28,000 knock-off handbags. The Times reports that 300 rolls of canvas were found in a factory in Paris If the canvas had have been authentic, it would have made £18.7 million worth of designer bags, which works out at nearly £700 a bag. Youch.

But as serious as handbag piracy might be, at least no one gets physically injured by it. The Times also brings us news of a terrifying growing market in black market Botox. It seems that the growing popularity of the cosmetic procedure, which removes wrinkles by injecting the Botulinum toxin into the skin, has lead to counterfeit labs in China packaging up raw toxin and selling it to vain Americans. Already a number of wrinkle-faced punters have found themselves seriously ill, or even paralysed, after injecting the undiluted poison. The Times story also gave us this week’s ‘Interesting Fact Of The Week’ which is that Botulinum is so toxic that less than 100g could kill every human being on earth. Cool.

Until next week, don’t have nightmares.

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