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UK Film Council calls for DVD piracy crackdown

15 December 2004

The UK Film Council has called for a register of market and car boot sale traders in an attempt to stem the rise of DVD piracy.

According to the Guardian, the suggestion is one of a number of anti-piracy initiatives recommended in a report released today by the Government-backed UK Film Council.

Measures included in the report include forcing DVD and video sellers to register their name, address and vehicle details with trading standards 21 days before a sale, making it a criminal offence to secretly record cinema screenings and also cracking down on pre-release footage being leaked from production houses.

Last year the Federation Against Software Theft (FACT) seized over 2m pirated DVDs while the Motion Picture Association (MPA) estimates that in 2003 36m illegal DVDs were sold in Britain. The size of the legal DVD market is estimated at 145m discs a year.

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