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Garcia Marquez beats book pirates

22 October 2004

Celebrated novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez has beaten bootleggers of his new novel by altering the ending of his book and re-publishing it.

Reuters reports that the launch of the Spanish-language version of the book, "Memories of My Melancholy Whores," was brought forward a week to Wednesday because thousands of bootleg copies have begun appearing on the streets of his native Colombia.

Garcia Marquez, a Nobel laureate and one of the world’s most revered living writers, decided to alter the book not because of copyright, but due to “artistic reasons.”

"There were some atmospheric feelings (in the chapter) that needed or required certain words to be exchanged for others," Peralta, of publishers Random House Mondadori, said at the book's Mexican launch.

Nevertheless, Garcia Marquez’s actions offer a template for other authors, such as JK Rowling, who have also had problems with bootleggers.

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