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McDonalds wins landmark IP case

3 September 2004

 Fast food giant McDonalds has won a landmark 16 year legal battle to protect its ‘Big Mac’ burger name, reports the Guardian.

The court case, which took place in the Philippines, overturned the rights of a local fast food chain to use the name ‘Big Mak’ for one of its burgers.

The decision is viewed as a landmark in efforts to fight violations of intellectual property rights. McDonald's is one of the most vigilant companies in the world in its attempts to protect its brand and image. The company has found it hard to shake off the negative effects of the infamous ‘McLibel’  trial in which it was publicly shamed by two penniless activists in a two year court battle.

In recent months, it became so concerned about the US independent film Super Size Me, which is soon to go on general release in the UK, that it decided to mount an advertising campaign debunking the film's claims about fast food consumption.

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