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Holiday warning: donít buy fake CDs

4 September 2004

Holidaymakers to Greece are being threatened with jail if they buy counterfeit CDs, reports the BBC. In the first case of its kind, a man was jailed for three months by an Athens court for buying illegal CDs from a vendor in Athens. Greece has the worst piracy rate in Europe, with counterfeit CD sales averaging about 6 euros each (roughly 4 pounds) and equalling the rate legal CDs sold across the country.

In counterfeit cases it is usually the vendor who is prosecuted, not the buyer. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industries (IFPI), which brought the man to trial, gave a clear warning it would continue to target buyers of counterfeit CDs. IFPI spokesman Ion Stamboulis said: "This is not a symbolic measure. We are determined to prosecute the buyers and we have the support of the authorities."

Travellers from the UK are often among the customers for counterfeit CDs sold openly on the streets, outside cafes or on beaches, and Greece is expecting a surge in piracy to co-incide with the increased visitor numbers surrounding the Olympic Games.

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