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'Have a break' takes a permanent break

9 September 2004

Kit Kat is to drop its famous registered trademark 'Have a break, have a Kit Kat' advertising slogan after nearly 50 years.

Ananova reports that the catchphrase is to be replaced with 'Make the most of your break' in new ads due to appear on screens in September.

Kit Kat's maker Nestle Rowntree says the old slogan has served its purpose. A source said: "Marketing managers found that while 90 per cent of the population could recite the slogan, it didn't actually make them purchase a Kit Kat any more."

The old slogan has featured in some of British TV's most memorable adverts, including one featuring Roy Keane taking a break to do embroidery, and another where God and the devil meet up for a break.


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