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Roll-up for the round-up: it’s Own It intellectual property news time!
7 Nov 2005

This week there’s no sweet smell of trademark success for Eden Sarl. Plus a gaggle of Google stories and Frasier’s incredible shrinking profits.

This week, presidential parody, dead IP money and a domain name dispute. Plus, are we seeing the beginning of a (Bit) Torrent of prosecutions for movie downloaders?
31 Oct 2005

As the clocks go back, this week’s Own It intellectual property news round-up just keeps on ticking.

This week, Burberry check for ferrets, historians try to crack The Da Vinci Code and Barclays fend off an injunction. Plus, the final draft regulations granting moral rights to performers are here.
24 Oct 2005

It seems it’s not just the Vatican and book critics that have been upset by the success of The Da Vinci Code.

This week, advertisers fail to light The Doors’ fire and Hed Kandi can’t manage to sweet talk a judge. Plus a fresh approach to IP is promised by the Adelphi Charter.
17 Oct 2005

One musician definitely not interested in exploiting his IP is Doors drummer John Densmore. Densmore, 60, recently vetoed a raft of lucrative advertising opportunities for his band’s music estimated to be worth up to $20 million.

Community Trade Mark and Patent Dispute Service News
16 Oct 2005

In other IP news, Community Trade Marks are set to become easier to obtain. And, as well as reducing fees, the Patent Office are also aiming to make life easier by launching a new Patent dispute service.

This week’s round-up has an arty, Scottish feel to it, And a story about online music royalties and a new Patent office service
10 Oct 2005

A number of prominent artists including Tracey Emin and Peter Blake last week wrote to The Times to make their views known regarding the European Artists’ Resale Right Directive. Plus the online music royalties debate, a reduction in community trademark fees and new Patent office service.

Only in this week’s round-up will you ever find the words easy (Mobile) and Simply (Red) mentioned in connection with the work of Jean-Paul Sartre.
4 Oct 2005

A copyright dispute between the estates of feminist author Simone de Beauvoir and philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre has seen the French edition of an anthology of the pair’s correspondence shorn of some of the latter’s raciest letters.

Books, music and films – it’s all about leisure in this week’s Own It round-up.
26 Sep 2005

Google’s copyright woes continued last week, with news that US authors are to sue the online search engine in response to its attempts to digitise library archives.

Bottoms Up: Champagne, Virgin and Yoga Instructors Get Into Position
19 Sep 2005

Own It heads across the Atlantic this week for a distinctly American flavoured round-up.

Driving Picasso Up The Wall
12 Sep 2005

This week the European Court looks at Picasso’s IP legacy. Plus a big online music decision and another victory for South African satirists.

Taking A Bite Out Of Apple
5 Sep 2005

This week, Own It risks the wrath of libel enthusiast Rupert Allason and lines up on the starting grid with Bernie Ecclestone. Also, will Creative Labs take a bite out of Apple?

Greetings from this week's Own It intellectual property news round-up.
30 Aug 2005

In this week's round-up, it's welcome to the (legal) jungle for Guns N'Roses and Madonna attempts to cover up her underwear. Plus the wedding from hell, courtesy of the FBI.

This week’s round-up will be music to the ears of performers and online music retailers alike.
22 Aug 2005

Welcome to this week’s rather musical Own It intellectual property news round-up.

This week, will Ewan McGregor get stranded on The Island? Plus Own It seeks artists’ impressions and Google is left searching for a copyright solution.
15 Aug 2005

Welcome to this week’s Own It intellectual property news round-up.

Own It stops celebrating Sunday’s cricket result and returns to the world of IP, only slightly distracted.
8 Aug 2005

Welcome to this week’s cricket flavoured Own It intellectual property news round-up

Welcome to this week’s Own It intellectual property news round-up.
1 Aug 2005

A trademark heavy round-up this week, featuring fetishism, colourful language, colourful trademarks and Bill Gates (again).

This week's IP news round-up
25 Jul 2005

Welcome to this week's intellectual property news round-up

There’s an international flavour to this week’s round-up, with stories from Canada, Australia, Russia, China and Japan.
18 Jul 2005

There’s an international flavour to this week’s round-up, with stories from Canada, Australia, Russia, China and Japan.

Patents, piracy and passing off make this week’s Own It intellectual property news round-up an unusually onomatopoeic one.
11 Jul 2005

Welcome to this week’s Own It intellectual property news round-up.

As Live 8 threatens to overwhelm the news this week, Own It brings you a globally aware IP round-up.
4 Jul 2005

Kicking off this week’s Own It round-up is the US Supreme Court decision to allow file-sharing networks to be sued if they promote illegal downloading. Previously, US file-sharing sites had been able to rely on a 1984 judgement regarding Sony Betamax video recorders (remember them?) that meant they escaped liability if there was significant legal use of the technology.

Turning off Wimbledon on the telly, Own It manages to serve up another smashing IP news round-up.
27 Jun 2005

Welcome to this week’s Own It intellectual property news round up.

What feels like the 863rd installment of the OK! v Hello! court case made the news on Friday after lawyers acting for OK! confirmed they are to appeal a £2 million ruling against the magazine.

As Britain swelters in the sunshine, Own It soldiers on to bring you another hot IP news round-up.
20 Jun 2005

Welcome to this week’s scorching Own It intellectual property news round-up: bringing you the latest IP news, whatever the weather.

Just when it seemed things couldn’t get any worse for MG Rover, reports surfaced last week that the bankrupt car manufacturer was involved in a potentially extremely embarrassing IP mix up.

This week's IP news round up
13 Jun 2005

This week: the benefits of podcasting, a more balanced look at file-sharing and Blackberry's manufacturers get left dangling.

This week's IP news round-up
6 Jun 2005

Bringing you rock n’ roll, alcohol and (ahem) patent application feedback procedures this week.

This week's IP news round-up
1 Jun 2005

This week, Own It joins the Buena Vista Legal Club. Plus a hard to swallow decision for a South African brewery and the Empire Strikes Back against illegal downloaders.

This week's IP news round-up
26 May 2005

Brought to you by Star Wars, Microsoft and Michel-Richard de Lalande.

This week's IP news round-up
20 May 2005

Britney Spears facing rip off claims over her song ‘Sometimes’. Big franchises vulnerability to brand damage exposed. Freeplay cuts its losses.

This week's IP news round-up
11 May 2005

It's that time again - time for Own It's IP news round up. This week, Bog Geldof gets sweary over Live Aid, a city type is joiled over piracy and Adidas faces a multi-million pound bill courtesy of their rivals.

This week's IP news round-up
4 May 2005

From the Beckhams to George Bush. We make the best of a slow week in the world of IP.

This week's IP news round-up
26 Apr 2005

From Primark to Tom Waits - this week's intellectual property round up shows that IP is the new black.

This week's IP news round-up
20 Apr 2005

From Oxford to Manchester, this week's intellectual property round up crosses the north-south divide to bring you the latest IP news.

This week's IP news round-up
13 Apr 2005

Welcome to this week's intellectual property news round-up. It's a global affair this week, taking us from Brazil to, er, London.

This week's IP news round-up
5 Apr 2005

Hello, good afternoon and welcome to this week’s Own It intellectual property news round up, brought to you – as ever - by the letters I and P.

This week's IP news round-up
30 Mar 2005

For no reason in particular, this week’s intellectual property news round-up is firmly rooted in the entertainment business.

This week's IP news round-up
22 Mar 2005

Charles, Camilla, Google and Ikea - they're all in this week's intellectul property news round-up.

This week's IP news round-up
14 Mar 2005

This week's IP news round up has a definite technology theme - from file sharing, to mobiles, to blogging - and beyond.

This week's IP news round-up
8 Mar 2005

Today, as you will no doubt be aware, is International Women’s day. Sadly, try as we might, we can’t find any women-themed intellectual property stories to mark the occasion so instead our weekly IP round up deals with the thorny issue of illegal file sharing.

This week's IP news round-up
1 Mar 2005

This week's intellectual property news round up has a slight Chinese theme. Except for the story about Marks and Spencer.

This week's IP news round-up
22 Feb 2005

Welcome to this week's IP round-up party. With a very warm welcome to Google News readers, a right old easyMess, a copy-protection conundrum and stiff penalties for users of fake Viagara.

This week's IP news round-up
14 Feb 2005

Happy Valentine’s Day! And welcome to this week’s very lovely intellectual property round-up

This week's IP news round-up
9 Feb 2005

Yes indeedy, it's been another crazy week in the world of intellectual property. In this weeks IP news round-up: a lucky American makes $15 million from his face, Winnie the Pooh fails to profit from DVD sales and Proctor and Gamble try to buy Christmas.

This week's IP news round-up
3 Feb 2005

Welcome to this week’s intellectual property news round-up, brought to you by the letters I and P. This week: KitKats, rapping, russians and our brand new songs-in-IP competition. Roll up!

This week's IP news round-up
24 Jan 2005

Monday’s child is full of intellectual property, as the saying goes. And so what better day to catch up with the last seven days of IP news? Here we go...

This week's IP news round-up
18 Jan 2005

Buckle up your moral rights and hold on to your intellectual property hats – because it’s time for the Own It weekly IP news update. This week: WIPO celebrate a milestone, Harry Potter takes on the pirates and a warning for FCBUK.

This week's IP news round-up
11 Jan 2005

Everything you wanted to know about plagiarising professors, fake designer handbags and blackmarket botox - but were afraid to ask.

New Year IP round-up
4 Jan 2005

Own It may have been away for a couple of weeks, enjoying an (arguably) well-earned festive break but the world of intellectual property news has just kept on turning.

Apple is latest to clamp down on Bittorrent pirates
22 Dec 2004

Apple has sued three software developers for illegally distributing test copies of the new version of its Mac OS X operating system.

Jaguar vs Jaguar case goes to the Irish High Court
20 Dec 2004

Luxury car manufacturer, Jaguar is suing the Irish Patents Office for granting a Swiss watchmaker the right to trade under the Jaguar brand name.

UK Film Council calls for DVD piracy crackdown
15 Dec 2004

The UK Film Council has called for a register of market and car boot sale traders in an attempt to stem the rise of DVD piracy.

Intellectual property issues to be taught in the classroom
15 Dec 2004

14 year olds are to be taught lessons on music piracy and copyright in order to understand the consequences of file sharing and CD piracy.

Photo-sharing site heralded as ‘future of the web’
10 Dec 2004

Photographers, camera-phone users and bloggers alike are abuzz about Flickr – the Creative Commons-friendly photosharing site that allows live chat and ‘social networking’ around user-uploaded images. Is this a faster news source than the BBC?

Musicians claim file-sharing increases profits
8 Dec 2004

Musicians are seeing real financial benefits from online file-sharing, according to a new survey.

Rivals tell Adidas: three stripes and you’re out
8 Dec 2004

A dispute over intellectual property could force a change in the design of the official uniform of future Olympic Games.

Mackintosh group attacks ‘Mockintosh’ products
1 Dec 2004

A group of heritage organisations is trying to file for legal protection of Charles Rennie Mackintosh's work in an attempt to stop his reputation being sullied by tacky ‘Mockintosh’ products.

Pink Floyd kids get IP education
30 Nov 2004

A group of former Islington schoolchildren who sang on Pink Floyd's anthem ‘Another Brick In The Wall’ have lodged a claim for unpaid royalties.

Own It lawyers win major award
29 Nov 2004

It’s not often that Own It bangs its own drum, but this is a special occasion: Briffa, the lawyers affiliated to Own It, have won a major award at the European IP Awards 2004, which celebrated the firm’s innovative approach to providing IP advice.

Record industry gets its groove back
22 Nov 2004

Moves against illegal online music-sharing, plus a rise in legal downloading is stabilising the global music market after four years of decline, says industry giant EMI.

New software to expose art forgeries
22 Nov 2004

A new computer program has just been launched which can reveal forgeries by checking whether two paintings are by the same artist.

Brazil moves to ‘tropicalise’ IP
17 Nov 2004

Brazil has been named the most ‘open source’ nation on earth, with the government battling to ‘tropicalise’ intellectual property laws so that they enable the nation’s poor to participate within the information economy.

Digital Miss Worlds go for licensing gold
17 Nov 2004

The ‘Miss Digital World’ competition has just been launched online, with the bevy of contestants – a series of ‘animated supermodels’ - so pixel-polished that film and advertising millions beckon.

Leading scholar warns that new IP laws will crush creativity
17 Nov 2004

One of the world’s leading copyright experts has slammed the latest developments in copyright law, warning that arts and culture will lose out to corporations and governments in the digital age.

Bootleggers force sale of Live Aid concert footage
16 Nov 2004

After almost twenty years of saying a blanket “no” to releasing a video of 1984’s superlative Live Aid famine-relief concert, organizer Bob Geldof said he changed his mind because of the large number of bootleg recordings available.

Disney cleared of copyright theft in Epcot ‘war of the worlds’
15 Nov 2004

After a long legal battle, Disney has finally been released from the accusation that it had stolen the concept for Epcot, its ‘futuristic’ theme park, from a painting produced in the 1960s.

Ground Zero Tower in plagiarism lawsuit
12 Nov 2004

Probably the most prestigious and controversial architecture project in the world, the ‘Freedom Tower’ destined for New York’s Ground Zero site, received a major setback this week when its architects were formally accused of plagiarism.

Grand theft of Grand Theft Auto
2 Nov 2004

A pre-release version of the latest sequel of Grand Theft Auto, one of the top selling video games of all time, has been circulating on the web for the last 5 days.

Bush steals songwriter’s copyright
1 Nov 2004

Bush's election team have been caught creating yet another dodgy election ad.

Dali’s closest aide accused of forgery in moral rights case
1 Nov 2004

Salvador Dali’s former personal assistant has been found guilty of adulterating a valuable painting by his ex-employer.

Elvis crowned king on ‘dead rich’ list
29 Oct 2004

In Forbes magazine’s new rich list of the highest-paid dead celebrities, Elvis has swept the board with an annual income of $40 million (£22m) earned from a myriad of licensing deals, trouncing the earning power of uber-visible stars with discernable heartbeats, such as David Beckham.

Garcia Marquez beats book pirates
22 Oct 2004

Celebrated novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez has beaten bootleggers of his new novel by altering the ending of his book and re-publishing it.

Greenpeace conquers Monsanto in wheatfield patent battle
22 Oct 2004

Indian farmers rejoiced today as agribusiness giant Monsanto were forced to withdraw their patent on an Asian species of wheat which it claimed to have ‘invented’.

Brando becomes brand
20 Oct 2004

The estate of Hollywood icon Marlon Brando is seeking to trademark the name and image of the recently-deceased star.

Pop stars to release tracks under Creative Commons license
15 Oct 2004

The Beastie Boys, David Byrne and Brazilian pop legend Gilberto Gil will appear on a new CD along with 13 other artists next month, with fans encouraged to copy, remix and swap the tunes online.

UK army markets running shoe design
12 Oct 2004

The British army has just launched a running shoe that it hopes will beat brand leaders Nike and Adidas.

US offers downloadable dollars to artists
8 Oct 2004

Looking for a scan of a dollar bill to use in your work? Just ask the US government, who are offering free low-resolution digital downloads of the new $50 dollar bill for use by artists, students and educators.

Bootleg police nab 28 UK music pirates
7 Oct 2004

The UK’s record industry today announced it would prosecute 28 music pirates caught downloading tracks illegally from the web.

Patented 'combover' hairstyle awarded ‘Ig Nobel’ prize
4 Oct 2004

Researchers who patented a Bobby Charlton-esque combover hairstyle in 1975 were top prizewinners in the engineering section of this year's Ig Nobel awards, which celebrate 'oddball research'.

Sculptor wins real estate battle over ‘site-specific’ works
4 Oct 2004

A US court has ruled that a corporate real estate developer cannot destroy a set of commissioned site-specific sculptures.

Documentary star denied share in film profits
1 Oct 2004

2004 will be marked as the year that documentary films such as Super Size Me grabbed the limelight, but in a small Paris courtroom an intellectual property battle has just been won to protect the integrity of the documentary film-making tradition.

Theatre group in copyright drama
29 Sep 2004

An amateur drama group has been given the right to stage a play despite being threatened with a copyright lawsuit by a major London theatre.

Creative Commons launches in UK
29 Sep 2004

Lawrence Lessig will launch the UK version of the innovative 'Creative Commons' copyright licenses in central London on 4th Oct, as well as giving a free public talk on the problems of the existing copyright system and the future of creativity in the internet age.

Pop men in reality TV ‘rip off’ row
15 Sep 2004

Simon Fuller and Simon Cowell, the multimillionaire showbiz moguls behind the Pop Idol reality television phenomena, are set for a legal battle over the carbon copying of TV show formats.

London Underground goes Gucci
14 Sep 2004

London Underground has launched its own fashion label which will be marketed internationally.

Yoko Ono licenses Lennon's face
13 Sep 2004

John Lennon's face and lyrics will be used on the new shoe from trainer-makers Converse.

Gordon Ramsay gets just desserts in Cornetto controversy
13 Sep 2004

Celeb chef Gordon Ramsay has been forced to drop a dessert from his menu because he called the treat a 'mini cornetto' - angering food giant Unilever, which owns an ice cream brand with the same name.

Are you @ risk?
10 Sep 2004

Users of the ‘@’sign – which means pretty much anyone online – are being targeted by a copyright con-artist.

When is a Warhol not a Warhol?
10 Sep 2004

Contrary to usual copyright and moral rights surrounding works of art, Andy Warhol's work can be modified by anyone, say Corbis, the leading image bank, who are offering more than 500 of the artist’s famous works for editorial and commercial use.

'Have a break' takes a permanent break
9 Sep 2004

Kit Kat is to drop its trademark 'Have a break, have a Kit Kat' advertising slogan after nearly 50 years.

Game over for DVD-copying firm
8 Sep 2004

A leading DVD-copying software firm has been forced to close by Hollywood, although similar software is available for free on the web.

They’re playing our song
5 Sep 2004

David beats Goliath: how did a small webdesign firm win the right to use a well-known Woody Guthrie song without paying a license fee?

Holiday warning: don’t buy fake CDs
4 Sep 2004

Holidaymakers to Greece are being threatened with jail if they buy counterfeit CDs.

McDonalds wins landmark IP case
3 Sep 2004

Fast food giant McDonalds has won a landmark 16 year legal battle to protect its ‘Big Mac’ burger name.

Orange market saturated?
3 Sep 2004

Mobile phone firms Orange and EasyGroup in tiff over the rights to the colour orange.

Ad agency swings record deal
3 Sep 2004

Leading London-based ad agency BBH have launched themselves as a rock music publisher.

BBC may sign up to Creative Commons
3 Sep 2004

In a groundbreaking announcement for the global broadcaster, the BBC’s forthcoming Creative Archive may use the innovative Creative Commons copyright licensing method.

Your pineapples are unique, says UK copyright judge
2 Sep 2004

'Generic' motifs (such as a a pineapple shape) can be protected by copyright, states landmark UK judgement.


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