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Who owns a photograph?

Published 14.01.15 at 14:39

The photographer, his 'assistant' - in this case, a monkey - or the public domain?

The court row between online repository Wikimedia and photographer David Slater demonstrated that this is not an easy question to answer.

The battle came about after a macaque monkey took a camera off photographer David Slater and snapped its own brilliant selfie. Shortly after, the photo went viral and was uploaded to the free media repository Wikimedia Commons. However, legal proceedings soon began over who owned the image's copyright: the monkey, the photographer or the public domain.

An infographic by Clifton Cameras, which is attached for download, explores such copyright laws, as well as what to consider when uploading images to social media channels. It also covers how to protect the photos you take and the legal avenues available should someone use one of your images without permission.

Note: Own-it published this item as we liked the simplicity and design of the infographic. 

Photograph: Paul Reynolds (some rights reserved)

Download File


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