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Published 05.02.14 at 15:58

qLegal: The small print for BIG IDEAS

qLegal provides free legal advice and resources to tech start-ups and entrepreneurs at the Queen Mary Legal Advice Centre.

The service, which is run in conjunction with collaborating law firms, in-house teams and academics, sees LLM students from the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) at Queen Mary provide advice directly to clients in the UK.

If you book an advice session you will:

  • Attend an appointment with two qLegal advisers and a qualified lawyer.
  • Receive written advice within three weeks.

The aim of the appointment is to understand your legal issues and gather information. You do not receive legal advice during the appointment. Once your issues have been considered any legal advice provided is then checked by a qualified lawyer. To book a free legal advice appointment visit the Contact us page.

For more information visit www.qmul.ac.uk/qlegalcall 020 7882 6644 or email qlegal@qmul.ac.uk.



    Hi q Legal team,

    Im in the last stages of finalising an agreement between myself and the company who deal with our complete fulfilment (tshirt supplier, printer, packaging, shipping) and also licensed merchandise (They have various licensing rights, where it has or will look to include rights in conjunction with our app platform, for the purpose of personalisation on tshirts and associated products, utilising the licensor IP as outlined on individual licensed agreements)


    They are taking a equity percentage once we sell the company in the future. They have asked that the percentages be put in the two directors individual names instead of that of the companies as they have just acquired a new company and do not want to dilute equity.

    Will this pose a problem for me? And what assurances can I have in place if we we're to go down that route?


    Regards to the licenses, they will be the ones to push for contracts within the live events sector. Our agreement on equity is baked upon their assurance that they will secure contracts for us.

    What can we have in place legally that will help us not give away our equity if they fail to perform?

    Thank you for all your help

    Jonathan Miller

    Posted by jonathan miller on 24.04.14 at 14:29

  2. Please contact qLegal directly!

    Dear Jonathan,
    Please get in touch with the qLegal team through the contact details provided. They won't read your comment!
    Kind regards
    the Own-it team.

    Posted by Silvia Baumgart on 25.03.15 at 13:20


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