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Online brand management: How to build your image and protect your brand online

Published 28.05.09 at 16:09

The internet provides new and inexpensive opportunities to help you build your reputation and promote the value and quality of your brand. But it has also the potential to damage your brand value by spreading negative comments about your service, your products or ethical conduct. Furthermore, it gives people around the world easy access to your brand and enables them to benefit from your goodwill. How then should you use your website, or social networking sites and other online tools to promote your business and manage your brand effectively?

This was a topic tackled at an Own-it event in May 2009. Speakers included Antony Mayfield, vice president and head of Social Media at iCrossing, a search and social media-led digital company. His presentation can be accessed on Slideshare here, while all of the e-books mentioned in the presentation can also be downloaded for free here.

The podcasts from the event will be online shortly.

Photo credit: John Rav


  1. The podcasts from the event will be online shortly?

    Published 28.05.09 at 16:09

    Posted by Anonymous on 29.03.13 at 23:15


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