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Mediation services

Published 12.01.06 at 10:35

Mediation can be a quicker and easier way to resolve a dispute between two parties (companies, individuals etc). A neutral third person acts as the mediator to try to resolve the problem. It can save everyone a great deal of time and money, as well as the emotional trauma of a court case or prolonged legal interaction.

The charity LawWorks offers both telephone and face to face mediations, depending on the case, to try and resolve disputes where at least one of the parties is unable to afford to pay for a mediator, and both sides of the dispute are happy to settle the issue out of court.

What happens at the mediation?

A mediator, who is a trained professional, listens to both sides and tries to help them find a solution to their dispute which is acceptable to both. The mediator will not give legal advice or impose a solution on the parties but, if successful, will draw up a legally binding agreement between the two parties, thus avoiding the need to go to court.  All proceedings are confidential so, if unsuccessful, the parties are still free to pursue a court action.

Who can get free mediation?

LawWorks arrange free mediations for individuals and not-for-profit organisations when they cannot afford to pay for mediation. Their finances will be assessed by LawWorks reviewers. LawWorks cover all sorts of civil and commercial disputes except family and neighbourhood matters.

How to apply for free mediation

Members of the public can find out about the LawWorks services available to them via the website http://www.lawworks.org.uk/lw_mediation

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Photo credit: Mike Schmid


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