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Mediation - The main providers

Published 20.02.13 at 14:11

Mediation acts as an alternative forum of resolution for IP disputes and can be much more cost and time efficient than the traditional court process. A neutral third person acts as the mediator to try to resolve the problem and there is a focus on reaching a compromise that is of benefit to both parties.  Mediation shifts the emphasis onto cooperation and communication and away from the adversarial nature of the traditional court process.

There are a number of mediation services available for you to use, the details of some of the main service offerings are listed below. Anti-Copying in Design (ACID) and the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) both offer mediation services purely for IP disputes, whilst the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) and the LawWorks mediation services cater for IP disputes but also have a wider range of sector expertise. 

The CEO of Anti-Copying in Design (ACID), Dids Macdonald, recently did an interview for Own-it on the topic of mediation in our video How to enforce your rights and resolve disputes - The Professionals

An overview of the LawWorks mediation service can be found here.

Mediation services for IP disputes:

Anti Copying in Design (ACID)

ACID was originally set up by designers for designers and manufacturers providing help, advice and support on Intellectual Property. ACID's national Mediate to Resolve service for dispute resolution is based on the organisation's extensive experience handling mediations. ACID'S national network of Accredited Mediators offer a wealth of intellectual property dispute resolution experience.

Intellectual Property Office (IPO) Mediation:

The IPO is the official government body responsible for Intellectual Property Rights in the UK. The IPO's mediation service was launched to help companies and individuals involved in IP disputes. This includes unregistered copyright and design rights, as well as registered design rights such as patents. The IPO has a team of accredited mediators trained at the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), who have extensive experience of dealing with IP disputes. 

Mediation services beyond IP disputes:

Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR):

CEDR Solve is the leading independent commercial Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) provider in Europe and one of the largest and leading ADR organisations internationally. CEDR provides mediation services for over 30 sectors in total including: education, employment and workplace as well as IP. CEDR's IP practice has experienced mediators and neutrals that can also assist with consultancy assignments to develop organisational capability and capacity for resolving conflict.

LawWorks Mediation:

LawWorks is the only pro bono mediation supplier across England and Wales, which aims to provide free legal help to those who can't afford it and are unable to access legal aid. Upon application your finances will be assessed by the LawWorks reviewers and if successful LawWorks will arrange the mediation and appoint a mediator. They accept all types of civil and commercial disputes and the Mediation service has a panel of around 180 accredited mediators volunteering to do pro bono mediations for their applicants. A web-based mediation service is also offered for smaller cases.

Members of the public can find out about the LawWorks services available to them via the website www.lawworks.org.uk.

Image copyright: Nick Dimmock - some rights reserved


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