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Doing the rights thing

Published 01.12.07 at 09:00

As ever, intellectual property (IP) has been a hot news topic recently. From the Chinese announcing 'special actions' to combat counterfeit goods, and the chair of digital economy at Cardiff University, Ian Hargreaves leading an independent review into IP rights in the UK, to the thorny issue of online copyright infringement and the implementation of the Enterprise Act. The world of IP has been an eventful place of late. So, as a creative business or person, how do you protect, exploit and manage your intellectual property effectively? Cheryl Rickman, from Own-it  provides a step-by-step guide.

Photograph (some rights reserved) by clevercupcakes


Please note that this article discusses the legal position in the UK at the time of publication. It provides general information only but is not to be regarded as legal advice. You must take advice from a specialist lawyer in relation to your specific circumstances. Further, you should seek additional legal advice when dealing with parties based in other parts of the world or works originating from other parts of the world as the legal position may vary.


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  1. Very impressed

    I found the download file excellent and will be re-reading same again. Most of what was included I knew about but there were some external links I had not heard of before.

    This is an excellent and concise source for anyone in IP or wanting to know about IP.

    Only one contingency not catered for, and it is such a rare aspect that in the main it is not necessary to include, but my own project is a co-operative of intellectual property (skills and talent), and includes celebrities and professionals in various fields, some of whom have their own businesses and we come together for one project. It is also self funded, so we have achieved a lot thus far. The project itself is huge and diverse and we issue our own 3rd party licences.

    Consequently, this makes us rather unique, so I am not surprised this aspect is not in the article.

    That said, I still remain impressed and highly recommend the article herein. Renewed thanks for sharing this with us all.

    Best regards
    Hazel Speed

    Posted by Hazel Speed on 03.07.09 at 14:26


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