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Creative Barcode - an innovative system to protect concepts and ideas

Published 31.10.11 at 14:44

IP rights such as copyright, design right or patents don't protect concepts or ideas, they only protect the expression of ideas in a recorded form such as text (words, music scores, coding), visuals (drawing, photographs, painting, sculpture, moving image etc.) and sound. You can find further information on the various IP rights and what they protect in our IP Guide to Industrial Design

When talking to third parties (when you pitch your concept for a new product, an advertising campaign or a new TV show) you may be able to protect ideas and concepts in their early stages through a confidentiality agreement. Read more about how to in the Own-it FAQ I have an idea, how do I protect it?

Creative Barcode has now introduced an innovative system that enables users to protect their files when sending them to third parties.

Maxine Horne, Founder and CEO of Creative Barcode writes:

Users can create numerically unique Digital Barcodes (also known as QR codes), with owner details embedded in them. These are produced really easily using a Barcode Generator/App. They immediately authenticate your work, its creation date and ownership.

One barcode is created for each new project and is applied (cut and paste) to all written and visuals files and all correspondence associated with the concept from initial sketch and strategic proposal through to fully articulated works. One barcode covers the whole project but must be applied to each document and visual before disclosure. This is fast and easy to do and charts the entire concept journey. It protects the value in the knowledge and work involved and should it be needed, creates a body of evidence.

Barcoded files are shared with others through the easy to use file transfer system, where recipients accept the terms of the Trust Charter before they are able to download your file.

The Trust Charter agreement is a one page document with two important warranties.

The first is that you as the Creator warrant to the recipient that the work is original, it is owned by you and that you are authorised to disclose it to them. In reverse the recipient warrants to you, the Creator, that they will not use your work in any way including the core idea without your permission.

The whole system including the visual icon, visual and digital barcode, trust charter agreement and the presence of a third party witness organisation (Creative Barcode) plus the supporting endorsement of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) is legally robust enough to provide a much safer environment for the creative industries world-wide.

It involves no complex paperwork or legal fees.

Creative Barcode members also become part of a growing world-wide community of designers, writers, film-makers, artists, photographers, brand owners, Universities and their students. These members believe that originality, creativity and innovation has a value which should be respected and that ethical trading between the communities is the preferred way of doing business.

You are wondering how much it costs, aren't you?

That's the best bit. It is just £30 plus VAT per annum to include the barcode generator, 5 barcodes, unlimited use of the file transfer system, Trust Charter (in-built to the App) badges, useful documents, news services and a community directory entry.

You can buy more barcodes as and when you need them.


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