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Changing channels: IP and digital media

Published 01.05.09 at 09:30

The internet has radically changed the way we consume content. We download music; stream video content online through the likes of the BBC iPlayer; and the net is, for most of us, our primary source of news.

But what does this mean for media businesses? For any company putting out media content online it's important to know where you stand when it comes to the protection of your content, as the 'cut and paste' nature of the internet makes your carefully crafted words, audio and video rich pickings for other sites. Furthermore, if you want to build an online media empire, you need to look at how your IP can be exploited and turned into revenue streams – building the value in your business.

This video and selected podcasts is a must for anyone involved in publishing content online. The speaker is Nick Jaspan, a publisher with over 20 years experience in media. He has been responsible for publishing Insider, EN Magazine, and the North West Enquirer. A serial entrepreneur, he has built businesses, sold businesses and bought businesses. More recently, he launched How-do.co.uk, the most successful regional media industry website in the country. In this Own-it North event he will share his vast experience on how to protect and exploit IP in a digital media business.

The video and podcasts are the result of an event that was organised on 24 March 2009 by Own-it North and supported by Merseyside ACME.

Please note that the attached podcasts and video discuss the legal position in the UK at the time of publication. They provide general information only and are not to be regarded as legal advice. You must take advice from a specialist lawyer in relation to your specific circumstances. Further, you should seek additional legal advice when dealing with parties based in other parts of the world or works originating from other parts of the world as the legal position may vary.

Photo credit: Dawn Endico

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