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Your Work On The Web And How To Protect It

The internet is a tremendous marketing opportunity and creative people who want to sell and promote their work should be grabbing it. Naturally there are risks but many of these can be reduced or avoided altogether so long as you know what you are doing.

In our first ever podcast, Sarah Jeffery of Briffa discusses how to protect your work on the web, taking you through the basics of showing your work and trading on the internet.

You will find out how to:

  • reduce risk of being copied from the visual material you provide on-line
  • agree the right things with customers when you sell on-line
  • provide the right information on your site
  • maximise the value of your business through the information you collect from visitors to your site
  • maximise the value of your brand on line
  • maximise traffic to your site and sales through affiliate agreement and portals
  • avoid problems associated with your designs and products being accessible and available world-wide.

This podcast is downloadable in two parts.

Click here to download Your Work On The Web And How To Protect It: Part I

Click here to download Your Work On The Web And How To Protect It: Part II

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