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IP Info: How To Protect Your Intellectual Property

These FAQs are for general guidance only. Specific legal advice should be taken depending on the precise facts in question.

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Protecting a business idea

I am setting up a communications agency with a friend from college that will focus on communicating complicated issues, such as what it would mean for the UK if we joined the Euro, simply. We have thought of a catchy name for the business. How can we protect our idea?

Agreements with clients and suppliers.

I have a business which specialises in selling content for mobile phones to the networks. For example, one provider sells us news related and topical anecdotes. The networks issue us with an agreement setting out our deal with them. Recently I have been thinking about whether we need an agreement with the individuals we are sourcing the material from?

Developing other people's software

We have commissioned a software company to write a program for us. There have been numerous problems and the finished product was delivered many months late. We now wish to develop the product further and have contacted the person who actually wrote the program and who has since left the company. Is there any problem asking him to do the redevelopment?

Getting money that's due to me.

We have a contract with a company which we have delivered a choice of treatments. They paid us half our fee in advance. They refuse to pay the balance and claim we have entirely misinterpreted their requirements. Can we recover the money owing?


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