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IP Info: How To Protect Your Intellectual Property

These FAQs are for general guidance only. Specific legal advice should be taken depending on the precise facts in question.

General FAQs
Graphic Design/Art
Fashion Design
Product Design
Film and Television

Film and Television

Can we use other people's faces in my film?

We have been asked to film people sitting on a bus as part of a ‘Transport for London’ educational DVD. Are we allowed to do this or do we need the individuals’ permission?

Filming in the streets.

I am filming a street scene which will include advertising hoardings which include some well known brand names. The hoardings will only be shown incidentally. Is that OK?.

Using TV characters in my own work.

We want to use characters from a famous soap opera in a corporate training video, Can we do this, or do the rights need to be cleared?

Permission to use music.

I have been asked to clear rights in music for a program. How do I go about this?


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