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IP Info: How To Protect Your Intellectual Property

These FAQs are for general guidance only. Specific legal advice should be taken depending on the precise facts in question.

General FAQs
Graphic Design/Art
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Graphic Design/Art

Clients using my work for more than what was originally agreed?

I am a graphic designer. 18 months ago I did some work for a client on a new store concept which the client was planning to open in London. The store opened last month and has attracted a lot of media attention. I hear that the client is planing to open other stores. My fee was quite small. I was told by the client that fees would have to be low as this was a new venture which may not work out although the client itself is quite a large company. Is there anything I can do? Can I approach the client and ask for an additional payment?

Can I get more recognition for my work?

I have agreed to take on a graphic design project for a registered charity. The project is exciting and I think that it will be great for my portfolio. I am not being paid very much but I was wondering if as part of our agreement I could ask the charity to credit me for the designs I produce?

Can I get more work?

I have been asked to contribute content to an advertising agency which they can include in their pitch. If I do this am I guaranteed the work if the pitch is successful?

I have been commissioned to create a work - who owns the copyright in it?

A website displays an image of one of my works with no attribution and the image is distorted - can I object?

I have written a software program that creates digital works: who owns the copyright in them?

My work uses images taken off the Internet. They're public domain aren't they?


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