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  • What do I need to do if somebody takes photographs of my designs at a trade show? Do they need permission?


    Worried about people taking random photographs at trade shows where you are showing your new designs? Read our new FAQ to find out what rights apply, what remedies you have when somebody…
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    Published: 28.08.12 at 12:14

  • Collaboration in the theatre: The writer-producer-director triangle


    Theatre is all about collaboration. Directors work with playwrights, producers work with directors and playwrights work with producers – apart from everybody else involved in a play. It is…
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    Published: 24.09.08 at 19:30

  • Based on a true story...


    Verbatim theatre and 'real-life' stories are more popular than ever, but intellectual property rights, copyright, privacy and defamation laws can be a minefield. Who owns what is often complex…
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    Published: 22.04.08 at 19:30

  • The mobile goldmine


    Mobile content will be worth in excess of £5.46 billion globally by 2011, according to analyst house Screen Digest, which is why Own-it and Create KX joined forces to bring you 'The Mobile…
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    Published: 17.10.07 at 19:30

  • How to negotiate a better book deal


    Having an income paid purely from your writing may seem like a pipe dream, but it can be possible with a little bit of knowledge and confidence. Whether you are a writer on the verge of a first…
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    Published: 07.11.07 at 18:30

  • Rights for artists: Copyright and the right of resale


    As an artist you might wonder what copyright even has to do with your work. The answer is most likely: more than you think. Did you know that even when you sell your original artwork, copyright…
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    Published: 01.07.08 at 19:00

  • Protecting and licensing your textile designs


    What type of rights do you need to protect and license a textile design; or the computer software used to produce it? Specific prints can be covered by copyright or design rights, while computer…
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    Published: 24.09.07 at 19:30

  • What is intellectual property?


    From the music we listen to and the books we read, to the computer software and products we use in our daily lives, most of the world's creative output and content (including possibly yours) can…
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    Published: 01.11.08 at 09:00

  • I did that! Questions of authorship in art and design


    Graphic design, illustration and moving images are sectors of an inherently 'commission' based industry, which opens up a range of sometimes complex as well as unique issues of intellectual property…
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    Published: 07.06.07 at 19:00

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