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  • How can I protect my ideas when meeting prospective clients?


    It is important before entering into negotiations with any third parties or prospective clients to be aware of how your work or idea is or might already be protected by the various intellectual…
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    Published: 12.11.09 at 11:23

  • Copyright

    (Glossary of IP Terms)

    The group term for the rights connected to the publication and dissemination of original works. Different rights apply according to the nature of the work, which could be literary, artistic or…
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    Published: 01.01.06 at 09:30

  • Who owns commissioned artwork? The artistic, legal and ethical implications of the commissioning process


    History reveals that the relationship between artists, their commissioners and collectors has always been fraught; from Whistlers' famous dispute in the 19th century with Lord Eden over a commissioned…
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    Published: 28.05.09 at 13:56

  • Moving image archives, copyright and the digital age


    Do you have a film archive? Would you like to make it accessible to others, but are not sure where to start? These podcasts will give you the vital legal information you need to begin using your…
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    Published: 28.05.09 at 14:01

  • Is your content being recycled?

    (Industry Insight)

    As content outsourcing grows, Indian providers will have to be mindful of their content asset management systems and processes says Arun Katiyar The May 2009 edition of The Hartford Advocate and…
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    Published: 08.06.09 at 16:01

  • The IP Guide to... Visual Art

    (IP Guides to...)

    If you are in business as a visual artist, this guide is for you!  The purpose of this guide is to provide businesses and artists with a basic understanding of their intellectual property…
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    Published: 19.11.09 at 14:15

  • I'm a designer: what do I need to know about IP?


    Under UK and European intellectual property (IP) law, designers may have certain rights over their creations. However, what is protected by design right may be different from the product as a whole…
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    Published: 03.02.10 at 15:38

  • I'm an architect: what do I need to know about IP?


    As an architect, the most important intellectual property right will be copyright, since this is what protects the design of a building.  Practically, however, architecture does involve rights…
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    Published: 03.02.10 at 16:02

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