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  • How to copyright your work


    Copyright gives those who invest the skill and effort to create original work the right to prevent others from copying them. There is no copyright in ideas or concepts, but rather in the expression…
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    Published: 01.11.08 at 09:30

  • How can I protect my ideas when meeting prospective clients?


    It is important before entering into negotiations with any third parties or prospective clients to be aware of how your work or idea is or might already be protected by the various intellectual…
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    Published: 12.11.09 at 11:23

  • The IP Guide to... Visual Art

    (IP Guides to...)

    If you are in business as a visual artist, this guide is for you!  The purpose of this guide is to provide businesses and artists with a basic understanding of their intellectual property…
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    Published: 19.11.09 at 14:15

  • I'm a designer: what do I need to know about IP?


    Under UK and European intellectual property (IP) law, designers may have certain rights over their creations. However, what is protected by design right may be different from the product as a whole…
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    Published: 03.02.10 at 15:38

  • I'm an architect: what do I need to know about IP?


    As an architect, the most important intellectual property right will be copyright, since this is what protects the design of a building.  Practically, however, architecture does involve rights…
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    Published: 03.02.10 at 16:02

  • I work in theatre: What do I need to know about IP?


    Copyright is an intellectual property right that applies automatically to all original theatrical performances, such as plays, musicals or ballets. These are known as 'dramatic works'. Any original…
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    Published: 18.03.11 at 16:45

  • I work in fashion: What do I need to know about IP?


    Designers of clothes and other fashion items, need to be aware of the following IP rights: - design rights and copyright to protect the design and detail of your goods; and - trade mark rights…
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    Published: 21.03.11 at 16:27

  • Artists' Remedies - copyright or contract?

    (Industry Insight)

    The Story For some 8 years Cardrax and Sue Deakin enjoyed an amicable and mutually beneficial business relationship. Last year they became embroiled in a high profile Court case which led not…
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    Published: 22.03.11 at 15:19

  • I am a designer: what do I need to know about IP?


    Various aspects of a design can qualify for different IP protection.  Below are the main IP rights that may be relevant to a designer's work: UK Registered Design UK Unregistered Design…
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    Published: 16.05.11 at 14:42

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