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  • How to protect your work online


    It is very hard to enforce your IP rights internationally, particularly in relation to the internet which enables downloading on a vast scale. Even where it is clear your IP rights are recognised…
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    Published: 01.11.08 at 09:30

  • Registering new Top Level Domain names in China


    Internet usage is booming in China. With more than 513 million 'netizens' (as of December 2011), China connects more people to the Internet than any other country. In fact, every fourth person…
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    Published: 16.04.14 at 11:55

  • Practical Considerations Before Hyperlinking


    The recent decision in Svensson and Others v Retriever Sverige AB in the Court of Justice of the European Union has provided some clarity as to the legal implications of hyperlinking and embedding…
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    Published: 16.05.14 at 15:03

  • How to Remove Counterfeit Goods from E-Commerce Sites in China


    China has more than half a billion internet users, more than a third of the world's total online population and is still expanding. Apart from being a forum for legitimate vendors and original…
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    Published: 01.08.14 at 15:23

  • Who owns a photograph?

    (Case Studies)

    The photographer, his 'assistant' - in this case, a monkey - or the public domain? The court row between online repository Wikimedia and photographer David Slater demonstrated that this is not…
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    Published: 14.01.15 at 14:39

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