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  • How to protect an idea or innovation


    It is essential that you protect all your IP rights, in so far as you are able, before and during your negotiations with third parties. There are numerous mechanisms by which your idea or innovation…
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    Published: 01.09.08 at 10:30

  • Contracts in China: Know Before You Go


    Tailoring contracts to suit your intellectual property rights is an important way to ensure that your company's specific intellectual property assets are adequately protected. Since trade…
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    Published: 12.12.12 at 11:42

  • Copyright does not protect ideas or concepts


    From an Intellectual Property legal perspective, an idea does not come into existence until it exists in a tangible form. The reasoning behind this is to foster competition, and therefore…
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    Published: 28.01.13 at 12:18

  • Legal Ramifications of Twitter


    Recently there has been a growing awareness of the legal consequences of using Twitter, largely focused on tweets from individuals acting in a private capacity. However, these arguments are equally…
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    Published: 24.05.13 at 10:24

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