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  • How to protect your work online


    It is very hard to enforce your IP rights internationally, particularly in relation to the internet which enables downloading on a vast scale. Even where it is clear your IP rights are recognised…
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    Published: 01.11.08 at 09:30

  • My precious: The IP in jewellery


    If you make jewellery, have you ever thought about what may have the greatest value in your work? It's not the precious gems or metal you are using, nor the long hours you are spending in your…
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    Published: 28.05.09 at 14:35

  • How can I protect my ideas when meeting prospective clients?


    It is important before entering into negotiations with any third parties or prospective clients to be aware of how your work or idea is or might already be protected by the various intellectual…
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    Published: 12.11.09 at 11:23

  • Your online showcase – from commissioning a designer to good customer service


    Is your website doing the job? And do you know what you need to do if you hold customers' data? Or who owns copyright in your website? Porcelain gift designer Jo Heckett talks about her journey…
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    Published: 19.10.11 at 12:53

  • IP issues for creative start-ups and spin-out companies


    The Handbook of European Intellectual Property Management by Adam Jolly, provides a fresh examination of the issues facing businesses across Europe that are looking to maximise and protect the…
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    Published: 07.06.12 at 13:24

  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Strategy for SMEs in the EU Ceramics Sector

    (Industry Insight)

    Since the ceramics industry in the EU is affected greatly by low-cost 'copies' of products being imported into the EU and an increasing number of such imports are coming from China, it is important…
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    Published: 13.06.12 at 16:22

  • IPR Protection in China for the Creative Industries: Know Before You Go


    China's rapidly expanding consumer market creates both opportunities and challenges for European businesses in creative industries. By effectively using the Chinese IP system and taking a few key…
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    Published: 19.11.12 at 15:50

  • Contracts in China: Know Before You Go


    Tailoring contracts to suit your intellectual property rights is an important way to ensure that your company's specific intellectual property assets are adequately protected. Since trade…
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    Published: 12.12.12 at 11:42

  • Is hyperlinking prohibited by copyright?


    We are often asked whether providing a hyperlink to another website, or embedding/framing a video which is already published on a social networking site will infringe copyright. A lot depends on…
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    Published: 10.02.14 at 16:13

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