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  • How to protect your company or brand name


    A trade mark is a sign that you apply to your goods or services to distinguish them from those of your competitors. It is the 'badge of origin' of your business, and can include the name of your…
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    Published: 01.11.08 at 09:30

  • Using Other People’s Trade Marks in Your Film or Performance

    (Industry Insight)

    Introduction Whether you are an independent film-maker, a big-budget studio or a theatre production, careful consideration must be given to any content which may infringe the intellectual property…
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    Published: 13.05.13 at 17:30

  • Trade Mark Troubles – and how to deal with them


    Many people start trading under a name without much thought about names used by other companies, who may offer identical or similar products or services. They may also try to register a trade mark…
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    Published: 25.01.16 at 14:43

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