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  • How can I protect my ideas when meeting prospective clients?


    It is important before entering into negotiations with any third parties or prospective clients to be aware of how your work or idea is or might already be protected by the various intellectual…
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    Published: 12.11.09 at 11:23

  • Your work on the web and how to protect it


    The internet is a tremendous marketing opportunity and creative people who want to sell and promote their work should be grabbing it. Naturally there are risks but many of these can be reduced…
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    Published: 28.02.06 at 18:00

  • Dead or alive: Whose art work is up for grabs?


    This Own-it podcast is aimed at curators, archivists, picture librarians, visual artists and those creating archive images for use online, in film or in other creative mediums. It covers some of…
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    Published: 17.04.07 at 19:30

  • Photographing other people’s property


    Photographs often include elements of other people's property. Intellectual or otherwise; incidental or intentional, there is a lot that the photographer needs to be aware of in order to make sure…
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    Published: 10.05.06 at 19:30

  • Making a living from photography


    When you decide you want to be a photographer it is generally because you love taking pictures; not many people work as a photographer because they love learning about intellectual property rights…
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    Published: 12.02.08 at 18:30

  • Picture this


    This podcast for photographers focuses on how to obtain permission for certain elements of creative activity, such as using an individual's image for public use, as well as dealing with the sticky…
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    Published: 18.10.06 at 19:30

  • Behind the music: Danger areas for copyright owners


    As a creator of music or a music publisher, your copyright is one of your most valuable assets, which means that knowing all the facts is essential – and even more so in a rapidly changing…
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    Published: 16.05.07 at 19:00

  • What is copyright in a musical work and how is it used?


    How and when is copyright in a musical work created? What happens when the music and lyrics are written by more than one person? Where do moral and typographical rights fit into the equation? How…
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    Published: 29.03.07 at 19:30

  • East meets west: Fashion manufacture in China


    You've designed a cutting-edge fashion item or a full collection, and you're aiming to manufacture in China. What are the steps needed to go about this? You might need to register your brand…
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    Published: 21.02.07 at 18:30

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