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  • How to copyright your work


    Copyright gives those who invest the skill and effort to create original work the right to prevent others from copying them. There is no copyright in ideas or concepts, but rather in the expression…
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    Published: 01.11.08 at 09:30

  • Crown Copyright and the BBC


    Own-it have recently received queries from users asking about Crown Copyright and, incidentally, whether the BBC is included in the definition of the Crown for IP purposes. What is Crown Copyright…
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    Published: 04.12.13 at 12:00

  • Is hyperlinking prohibited by copyright?


    We are often asked whether providing a hyperlink to another website, or embedding/framing a video which is already published on a social networking site will infringe copyright. A lot depends on…
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    Published: 10.02.14 at 16:13

  • Practical Considerations Before Hyperlinking


    The recent decision in Svensson and Others v Retriever Sverige AB in the Court of Justice of the European Union has provided some clarity as to the legal implications of hyperlinking and embedding…
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    Published: 16.05.14 at 15:03

  • Instagram - Terms of use explained


    Instagram - a popular social media app where you can share your images and videos but what do the terms of use really say? This factsheet is designed to be a helpful summary of certain key aspects…
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    Published: 26.11.14 at 10:03

  • Who owns a photograph?

    (Case Studies)

    The photographer, his 'assistant' - in this case, a monkey - or the public domain? The court row between online repository Wikimedia and photographer David Slater demonstrated that this is not…
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    Published: 14.01.15 at 14:39

  • Knitting and Sewing Patterns - IPO Copyright Factsheet


    If you use knitting and sewing patterns in your fashion designs or you yourself develop new and original patterns, you may wonder how copyright applies to the reproduction of classic patterns and…
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    Published: 06.02.15 at 11:04

  • Common Copyright Myths

    (IP Guides to...)

    We asked our 2nd year Animation students at the London College of Communication (UAL) to create animated videos debunking common copyright myths. The idea was to create a short animation, no longer…
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    Published: 11.03.15 at 12:49

  • Taking Inspiration: Tribute or Theft? - a debate


    Innovation in art and design is not possible without referencing other people's work. Mixing, sampling and re-contextualising are common art practices. Tim Sokolow, Joint Head of Academic Support…
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    Published: 29.02.16 at 13:37

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