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"Is it all clear?" – Artist Filmmakers

Date: Wednesday 11 May 2005
Time: 6.00 – 8.00 pm / 8.00 – 9.00 pm post-event drinks

The Cinema
Channel 4
124 Horseferry Road

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Making a film as either an art piece, feature or documentary has no complications if it has no people or existing copyright material in it. But once the public, actors, models and friends and family get involved, or you use other people’s work, then a whole world of clearances, performers rights, usages and restrictions start to rear their ugly head.

This event for artists and filmmakers will look at real-world examples from artists and lawyers, and will give practical guidance through the legal jargon. There will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions and you will need to have a basic understanding of copyright to benefit from this event.

The speakers are:

Mark Dean, artist, will discuss the process of clearing appropriated sound and film footage, with reference to three specific works made for UK and international gallery distribution (Ascension (nothing/Something Good), Scorpio Rising 2, Insert Coin (Nico)). He will also briefly address some broader questions arising from artists’ use of pre-existing cultural material and will show extracts from his recent work. The three pieces that Mark has chosen to talk about, and show sequences from, are all video pieces made for public gallery shows and sales, and involve clearing the use of music and existing film footage. Mark has shown moving image work throughout the UK and internationally, including Barbican, South London Gallery, ICA and Tate Modern.

Daniel McClean, curator, lawyer and co-author of the book Dear Images: Art, Copyright and Culture (2001,ICA) will look at the flip side of clearing material and illustrates the tools used to assess whether an infringement has taken place and what clearances need to take place. He will refer specifically to the Fischli Weiss art piece that was copied by a car company for an advert.

Prash Naik, of Channel 4’s legal department, will talk about Channel 4’s requirements for getting films accepted for the 4Docs site including the issues of consents, libel and privacy.

Lee Gage, from Harbottle and Lewis law firm, will go through clearances from a legal point of view; what you need to know, usages, contracts, performers’ rights, and will provide information on the legal transition from private film making to public viewing and showcasing.

Finally, Rose Cupit, Artists' Moving Image Resource Coordinator and Maggie Ellis, Production Executive, from Film London, will provide information on a new initiative with a working title of Artists’ Moving Image Resource. Both Rose and Maggie will be available to respond to any enquiries at the networking session after the event.

Event sponsors or co-organisers:

Harbottle and Lewis
Channel Four
Film London


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