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Value your work – make more money

Date: Tuesday 03 May 2005
Time: 6.15 - pre-event drink, 6.30 to 8pm, 8 - 9pm - after event drinks

The Design Council
34 Bow Street

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What do photographers, illustrators, inventors, and software programmers do that designers don't? They retain the rights to their work rather than selling it wholesale, and they know how to realise more value from their intellectual property. They achieve this by licensing, charging royalties, registering patents, and selling directly.

Increasingly product, graphic, interaction and retail designers are learning from these other creative disciplines. This Own It event, aimed at those disciplines, will feature a panel of designers who are breaking this new ground. They will tell us the stories of the successes, and perhaps their failures, to help you raise your sights when thinking about business models, understand what is possible, and guide you on getting started – while avoiding the pitfalls.

Chair: Nico Macdonald, writer and design industry consultant

Nico writes about design, technology and business, with a focus on innovation. He is the author of What is Web Design? (RotoVision, 2003) and has also written for many UK and US publications including Blueprint, the Guardian Eye ,PRINT magazine, Creative Review, BBC News Online,, The Register, The Architects’ Journal, spiked-IT, the Online Journalism Review and Design Week. He also works with clients as a design and technology strategist.

Neil Baron, Senior designer/creative, Seymourpowell

Neil is senior designer/creative at Seymourpowell, a product design and foresight company. Neil works with clients and team members to investigate and communicate business opportunities, current trends, and new technologies, delivering strategy and tangible artifacts. He has engaged in projects for companies including Nokia, Dualit, Tefal, Shell, JCB, Mercury (Lincat), Saitek, Bell Helicopters, Unilever, Port Meirion Potteries, and Boots.

Prior to joining Seymourpowell, and having completed a placement with octo design and Electrolux, Neil moved to Stockholm to work on future concepts for Electrolux, and for Bjorn Borg fashion. He graduated with a first class degree in design for industry from the University of Northumbria.

Matthew Grey, Senior Creative, Therefore Ltd

Matthew is senior creative at Therefore, a 25-strong London-based product design consultancy founded in the early 90s. Therefore creates technology-driven products for industries including IT and communications, pharmaceutical and medical, luggage and domestic appliances, toys and audio equipment.

Over the last six years Matthew has worked with Therefore to respond to the changes in the global design-purchasing market. By adopting revenue models that balance fees and retention of intellectual property rights, and investing in and developing home grown projects, Therefore has managed to thrive in a less than fertile environment.

Matthew is also creative director of Social Suicide, a fashion label that has grown out of a partnership with Nutters of Savile Row. In a venture designed to be not so much exclusive as elusive, the brands have combined to create bespoke fashion with intellectual content to both stimulate interest in the Nutter Brand and develop into an independent offering.

Heath Kane, Principal, Heath Kane Design

Heath Kane, is an independent design consultant. His vision is to generate ideas that stimulate businesses, and make them passionate about creating real difference. He began his career in graphic design and still utilises these skills to create powerful communication design.

His design skills have seen wide application, including identities, advertisements, marketing collateral, interior displays, environmental graphics, and user interfaces. He has been involved with digital media since the mid-90s, and his work has taken him around the world, where he has worked for some of the most influential design consultancies in both advertising and new media.

Margaret Briffa, Founding Partner, Briffa & Co.

Margaret Briffa, solicitor, from specialist law firm, Briffa will comment and reflect, from a legal and IP point of view, on the points raised during the evening’s discussion.

Event sponsors or co-organisers: Design Council



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