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Making money from intellectual property licensing

Date: Tuesday 26 April 2005
Time: 6-8pm

The Patent Office
Harmsworth House
13-15 Bouverie Street
London EC4

Followed by drinks and food at the Witness Box pub, just by The Patent Office

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Own It and Ideas 21 are celebrating World IP Day by showing you how to make money and then taking you to the pub!

As any inventor knows only too well, good ideas alone wonít make your fortune.
For many inventors and creative businesses, licensing intellectual property is the best way forward and can offer many advantages.
This event will cover the following areas of IP licensing: What is a licence? How do you negotiate a licence? Can you ask a licensee for an up-front payment? How much should the royalty be? Should a royalty decrease (or increase) with volume? How do you find and choose a licensee? What are the dangers of licensing and how can they be minimised?

About the speakers

Richard Gallafent is a patent and trade mark attorney with over 35 years experience of advising companies and individuals about licensing and negotiating licensing agreements.

Roland Hill is the inventor of contravision (; patented one-way vision, see-through graphics, often seen on buses and telephone boxes. Roland will share his experiences of how he turned his clever inventions into a money-making business. He is a civil engineer and member of the governmentís Intellectual Property Advisory Committee.

Dr Paul Leonard, Director, Intellectual Property Institute
Paul began his career as a research biochemist. He worked for BDH Ltd., Merck Ltd. and the Chemical Industries Association, where he developed his interest in IP law. He was appointed Director of the IP Institute in 2000. Paul retains an interest in chemical research and has served as a member of the RAE Panel for Chemistry. He was also a member of the DTIís Chemicals Foresight Panel. He is a Fellow of the RSA and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Patent Agents.

The IP Institute is the leading independent research body in the UK addressing all aspects of IP law, but especially its social and economic effects.

Event sponsors or co-organisers

Ideas 21
Patent Office


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