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Invention promotion companies

Date: Tuesday 30 November 2004
Time: 6pm start time

The Patent Office
Harmsworth House
13-15 Bouverie Street
London EC4

Contact: Supplier 1

An event from Own It's partner, ideas21.

ideas21 receives numerous enquiries on the subject of invention promoters.
Some come from inventors who have been sent information as soon as their
patent application has been published, others have approached the
companies directly after seeing advertisements. Many have already
engaged with such companies, often parting with between £500 and £5,000.
Downstream, some of those who have used their services have been known to
say "it is the most expensive stationery I have ever bought!"

Are these companies targeting the vulnerable, playing up to the dreams of
making fortunes through inventions or are they genuine? Or is it a case
of “caveat emptor”, and the inventor can only blame themselves for parting
with their cash too rashly? No promoter can guarantee the success of any
idea, so can they be blamed when an invention fails to take off? How do
these companies operate? And what distinguishes the reputable promoters
from those intent on selling inappropriate services to novice inventors?
What is the legal position once monies have been parted with? Who owns
the idea and the rights once the inventor has signed up? What standards,
if any, apply to practices in this area? What are the alternatives to
using these companies? What is the official view about some of the
perhaps questionable practices seen in this market area?

The meeting on the 30th November will try and address these questions.

If you have parted with any money and are not satisfied with the results,
not sure whether to use these services or are an advisor to an inventor
trying to untangle the situation, you will wish to come to hear these
issues discussed by our distinguished and experienced panel:

Dr Mike Hayle (Office of Fair Trading)
Jeremy Philpott (The Patent Office)
Lee Gage (Harbottle & Lewis)
Paul Pankhurst (PDD & Carbonate)


6:00 pm Tea and Coffee

6:30 pm - 7.30 pm Speakers and Q&A session
followed by food and refreshments in the private bar of The Witness Box pub (included in the price.)


£15 for members.
£20 for non-members.


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