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Ideas21 invites you to: Software, patents, commercialisation and technology transfer workshop

Date: Tuesday 26 October 2004
Time: 6pm for coffee; event runs 6:00 to 7.30pm

The Patent Office
Harmsworth House
13-15 Bouverie Street
London EC4

Contact: Supplier 1

Protecting and commercialising software is a complex issue - the USA Patent Office has a more liberal approach to software patenting than the
UK Patent Office.

How does software fit into the patent protection regimes? How do you assess the novelty and inventiveness in the context of software and what
are the technical effect requirements? Can you exploit software without patent protection?

These questions and many more will be addressed by speaker Leigh Ellis on Tuesday 26th October.

Leigh is an Information Technology Lawyer and qualified and experienced software engineer with Kaltons LLP. He will be giving a practical
introduction on what may or may not be eligible for patent protection, the value and valuation of intellectual capital and intellectual property
generally and how to determine the exploitation model that is right for the invention. Leigh will also be talking about the current position of software patents in the UK and the status of reform in the European Union.

The event will be followed by food and refreshments in the private bar of 'The Witness Box'.


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