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Copyright for visual artists: when is copying fair?

Date: Tuesday 09 November 2004
Time: 5:00 to 7:00 pm

Rootstein Hopkins Space
London College of Fashion
John Princes Street
London W1

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Artists have often cried foul when their work is copied, but what happens when the claim of artistic licence is raised by artists themselves?

This talk will cover the legal and copyright issues relating to using, being influenced by and referring to other images and creative work when making new visual pieces.

The talk will answer questions such as:

- Can I incorporate a copy of the Mona Lisa in a painting?
- Is it all right to use someone else's design with several modifications?
- Can I use a photograph downloaded from the internet as reference when creating a new visual work?
- Can the character represented in my visual work wear branded clothing?

The talk will be given by Nicola Solomon, Head of Intellectual Property at Finers Stephens Innocent. Nicola has many years of experience in advising visual artists on all aspects of intellectual property
including contracts, copyright, gallery agreements, agencies, etc. She also advises the Association of Illustrators and the British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies, as well as and numerous
photographers, fashion designers and retailers.

This is an Own It event in association with Artquest (http://www.artquest.org.uk) and Finers Stephens Innocent. (http://www.fsilaw.co.uk)


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