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Writing & Publishing

Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society

The Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society Limited (ALCS) is the UK rights management society for writers.

Wholly owned and controlled by writers, its principal business is to collect and distribute fees to writers whose works have been copied, broadcast or recorded. It also offers copyright and other legal advice to members.


BECTU is the independent union for those working in broadcasting, film, theatre, entertainment, visual art, interactive media and allied areas who are primarily based in the United Kingdom. It offers various IP-related services to members including personal copyright advice, a script registration service and a copyright information booklet.


BLACA is a forum for discussion of matters affecting the rights of authors and other copyright owners. Members meet regularly in central London.

BLACA is the UK arm of the International Literary and Artistic Association (ALAI) founded in Paris in 1878 under the Presidency of Victor Hugo.

British Copyright

UK umbrella for organisations that represent creators, rights holders or performers of literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works.

Campaign for Digital Rights

The UK-based Campaign for Digital Rights campaigns for “fair and balanced laws for the information society.” They have a special focus on music, video, DVDs & computer games, academic freedom and public library issues.


Copyleft is a free licensing system which enables people to learn, develop and exchange ideas without the restrictions normally imposed by copyright law and royalties.

A relatively recent concept, it was developed by the Open Source movement, and is closely related to ‘Creative Commons’, also featured in this directory.

Copyright Service

The UK Copyright Service is an established specialist in the area of copyright registration, and protects thousands of works by individuals and companies. This can be used as evidence of copyright and proof against future claims and disputes.

Check the website for a brief guide to UK copyright, frequently asked questions, copyright links and details of how to register your work.


An online tool to help protect the intellectual property rights of your original content. Copyscape identifies copies of your written material that have been copied and published without permission. Currently in a beta release and free to use, this tool from Indigo Stream Technologies Ltd. can be used to track web plagiarism simply by typing the URL of your website.

Content supplied by our partner, Enterprise Centre for the Creative Arts (ECCA.)


Copywatch protect copyright owners by offering a 20,000 pound reward for those reporting copyright infringement (specifically for the illegal, systematic photocopying of books, journals and magazines) within privateand public sector organsiations in the UK.

Creators' Rights Alliance

The Creators' Rights Alliance brings together the major organisations representing copyright creators and content providers throughout the media -- particularly, television, radio and the press. It campaigns to promote greater understanding of creators' intellectual property rights within the industry and among the public.

Duly Noted

Duly noted is a brand new online Copyright Registration and back-up service, providing protection for creative works and their authors. Secure, affordable and easy worldwide copyright registration, plus a back-up service for subscribers to securely hold their valuable creative works.

Using the latest in fingerprint technology, Duly noted can ensure that once a work is registered with them, not only is it safely secured, but it cannot be tampered with; so in the case of an infringement case being brought, Duly noted can guarantee the authenticity and date of when the work was registered.

Federation Against Copyright Theft

The Federation Against Copyright Theft is a representative and investigative organisation for its member companies, who include major British and American film companies, media manufacturers and distributors, as well as companies within the television and satellite TV industries. The site offers much copyright information specific to film piracy issues.

National Union of Journalists

The NUJ, which represents freelance writers, journalists, photographers and illustrators within its remit, provides a free two hour advice service to members who have problems with copyright and IP issues.

Royalties Reunited

If you're a session musician, recording artist or backing vocalist, Royalties Reunited is the place for you to find out if you are owed money - and claim it. Registration for claiming this money is completely free.

Phonographic Performance Limited collects the money and distributes it to performers in conjunction with the Performers Forum, made up of representatives from AURA, Equity, MPG, Musicians Union, P@MRA and PPL.

SkIN (Skills Intelligence Network)

A network for East-London-based practitioners of urban music, new media, graphic design, event management and creative writing. Offers opportunities for learning, networking events and 'business therapy'.

Your Creative Future

Your Creative Future Guide to education and career opportunities in the creative industries.


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