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Artlaw Archive

Online archive of Art Monthly magazine’s renowned column on art law, with numerous features on IP. The site also offers legal information and listings with particular relevance for visual artists, craftspeople and photographers.


Artquest is a comprehensive advice and information service for London's professional visual artists and craftspeople.

As well as information to cover all aspects of an artist / craftsperson's career (including studios, deadlines dates, materials, articles on getting an exhibition and becoming self-employed), the site has a dedicated section on IP issues and lists law firms and legal advisors. Certain listings are also relevant to photographers. 

Association of Photographers

The Association of Photographers is a membership trade association that advances and protects the rights of photographers.

As a member of The Pyramide organisation, the AOP provides a lobby platform promoting author’s rights, and consults when relevant legislation is tabled across the EU.

There is a page and link on the site to the VCI (Visual Creators Index), which protects and promotes the rights of creators of visual images in the digital environment, and is currently engaged in setting a universal standard format for creator ID’s for marking digital images.


The British Association of Picture Librararies and Agencies (BAPLA) is the UK trade association for picture libraries.

 With over 400 member companies, it represents the vast majority of commercial picture libraries and agencies in the UK and lobbys for its members' interests. It has a summary of UK copyright law and licensing issues for photographers, and offers a list of industry-approved lawyers.

British Photographers' Liaison Committee
no website

Tel: +44 (0)20 7739 6669
Fax: +44 (0)20 7739 8707

Provides advice and information for photographers on copyright issues, and publishes ABCD of Photographic Copyright.

Content supplied by our partner Artquest.

British Photographic Industry Copyright Association
no website

Tel: 020 7287 4422

Provides photographers with copyright information and legal advice.

Listing information courtesy of our partner, Artquest.

Campaign for Digital Rights

The UK-based Campaign for Digital Rights campaigns for “fair and balanced laws for the information society.” They have a special focus on music, video, DVDs & computer games, academic freedom and public library issues.

Copyright Service

The UK Copyright Service is an established specialist in the area of copyright registration, and protects thousands of works by individuals and companies. This can be used as evidence of copyright and proof against future claims and disputes.

Check the website for a brief guide to UK copyright, frequently asked questions, copyright links and details of how to register your work.

Crafts Council Photostore®

Photostore is the Crafts Council's new online resource which allows you to search quickly and simply for contemporary British crafts. Photostore Online features over 1,000 selected designers-makers and 50,000 images of their work. Search for free.

Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS)

Advice from DACS is to members only (currently costing £25 for lifetime membership). DACS also collects and distributes royalties and licenses copyright under the direction of the artist/designer who is a member, and has agreements with other artists/designers copyright organisations worldwide to protect the copyright of artists and designers in international territories.

DACS is a not for profit organisastion.

More information on copyright-related issues can be found in the DACS Fact Pack. To obtain copies phone the Membership Enquiries Line on 020 7553 9050.

This information has been provided by our partner, Artquest.

Duly Noted

Duly noted is a brand new online Copyright Registration and back-up service, providing protection for creative works and their authors. Secure, affordable and easy worldwide copyright registration, plus a back-up service for subscribers to securely hold their valuable creative works.

Using the latest in fingerprint technology, Duly noted can ensure that once a work is registered with them, not only is it safely secured, but it cannot be tampered with; so in the case of an infringement case being brought, Duly noted can guarantee the authenticity and date of when the work was registered.

Guardian Newspaper's Media Law section

The Guardian newspaper runs a snappy online section covering recent hot topics and trends in media law. As well as courtroom drama reports, the site includes the latest news on the legal side of advertising, sponsorship deals, celebrity endorsements and controversies within the photography/media world (usually involving Photoshop and accusations of the publication of doctored images.)

Registration (free of charge) is required to access this part of the Guardian site.

Beyond the Lens

Published in England by the Association of Photographers (AOP), Beyond the Lens is the essential guide to rights, ethics and business practice in professional photography.

Now in its third edition it has been likened to 'the bible for photographers and commissioners' and is used by colleges/universities as part of their courses and widely used by photographers and commissioners.

The Knowledge

The definitive UK source of contacts within the film, TV, video and commercials production industries.


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