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Intellectual Property Info

A Handbook of Intellectual Property Management

This new book is designed as a practical reference source for creators and users of intellectual property (IP.)

A Handbook of Intellectual Property Management is a practical source of advice and reference filled with contributions from leading innovators and top patent and trade mark attorneys on a range of topics, including the value of IP, EU versus US brand identities, buying and selling rights, manufacturing and creative industries and action against counterfeiting, piracy and competitors.

Recommended by our partner, Ideas 21. See their listing for ordering details and a 10% discount.


ACID (Anti Copying In Design) is a membership trade organsiation and action group created to combat the growing threats of plagiarism in the design and creative industries.

Membership fees are based on the annual turnover of your business, and a free legal advice and a design registration service is offered to ACID members. ACID recently won a landmark copyright case on behalf of Nouveau Fabrics, a Yorkshire-based design and upholstery firm.

Adelphi Charter

The Adelphi Charter on Creativity, Innovation and Intellectual Property responds to one of the most profound challenges of the 21st century:

How to ensure that everyone has access to ideas and knowledge, and that intellectual property laws do not become too restrictive.The Charter sets out new principles for copyrights and patents, and calls on governments to apply a new public interest test. It promotes a new, fair, user-friendly and efficient way of handing out intellectual property rights in the 21st century.

The Charter has been written by an international group of artists, scientists, lawyers, politicians, economists, academics and business experts.

AHRB Copyright Research Network

The AHRB's international research network which seeks to stimulate international research and debate about the future of the copyright system.

Alliance Against Counterfeiting And Piracy

The Alliance Against Counterfeiting And Piracy is a unique coalition of British trade associations and industry enforcement organisations with a combined turnover of over £250 billion.

At a time when losses to the economy and the Exchequer through intellectual property theft are mounting, the Alliance seeks to strengthen and bring consistency to existing laws in the area of intellectual property. The Alliance aims to ensure that legitimate business flourishes, consumers are not put at risk by exposure to shoddy, substandard and potentially dangerous merchandise, and those whose creativity will drive forward the UK economy in the 21st century have sufficient protection to defend their ideas and sufficient incentive to innovate.

Artlaw Archive

Online archive of Art Monthly magazine’s renowned column on art law, with numerous features on IP. The site also offers legal information and listings with particular relevance for visual artists, craftspeople and photographers.


Artquest is a comprehensive advice and information service for London's professional visual artists and craftspeople.

As well as information to cover all aspects of an artist / craftsperson's career (including studios, deadlines dates, materials, articles on getting an exhibition and becoming self-employed), the site has a dedicated section on IP issues and lists law firms and legal advisors. Certain listings are also relevant to photographers. 

Arts Advice

Careers advice for the creative industries, including visual artists. Their copyright section offers a basic guide to copyright issues for artists.

Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society

The Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society Limited (ALCS) is the UK rights management society for writers.

Wholly owned and controlled by writers, its principal business is to collect and distribute fees to writers whose works have been copied, broadcast or recorded. It also offers copyright and other legal advice to members.


BECTU is the independent union for those working in broadcasting, film, theatre, entertainment, visual art, interactive media and allied areas who are primarily based in the United Kingdom. It offers various IP-related services to members including personal copyright advice, a script registration service and a copyright information booklet.

Brand Licensing trade fair

Europe’s largest brand licensing trade fair is held annually in London.
The site offers numerous links to exhibitors, allowing a snapshot of the licensing industry and multibillion pound global market for licensing artwork, illustrations, animated & other types of characters, movie-based licensing, products, photographs, brand extensions etc.

Brand Protect

An award-winning membership service for managing trade mark portfolios run by Briffa, Intellectual Property Lawyers.

A fee of £50 plus VAT per year allows you access a telephone help from a specialist lawyer and the opportunity to purchase legal expenses insurance to pursue those who infringe your trade marks.

Membership also entitles members to a free annual review of their portfolio and discounted 'watching services'.


Briffa is a firm of solicitors specialising in intellectual property work, dedicated to the protection and growth of businesses through the protection of its copyrights, designs, patents, trade marks and trade secrets.

They offer a design log service and have developed many fixed price services and standard form documents that can be ordered online direct from their website.

A partner of Own It, Briffa are offering a free consultation of up to 45 minutes for Own It members. To see further details about this service click here.

British and Irish Legal Information Institute

BAILII offers access to freely-available British and Irish public legal information.

If you're looking for updates on current legal cases in the UK and abroad, including those connected with trademarks, copyrights, patents etc, this database-style site is for you.


British Film Institute

The BFI’s site has a directory of copyright-related training courses for film industry professions.

British Library

The British Library’s patent library has an extensive online presence, which includes guides to using the patent collections at the Library and a glossary of patent terms, as well as information on their free clinics, which assist with trademark and design rights searches.

British Photographers' Liaison Committee
no website

Tel: +44 (0)20 7739 6669
Fax: +44 (0)20 7739 8707

Provides advice and information for photographers on copyright issues, and publishes ABCD of Photographic Copyright.

Content supplied by our partner Artquest.

British Photographic Industry Copyright Association
no website

Tel: 020 7287 4422

Provides photographers with copyright information and legal advice.

Listing information courtesy of our partner, Artquest.

Business Directory

UK Business Directory

Business Link

Business Link for London is a business support agency delivering impartial, expert and practical business advice to London's small and medium-sized businesses.

Services are offered face-to-face, over the phone, at events and via the web. Registered membership of the website allows access to a variety of fact sheets, including one on intellectual property.

Campaign for Creativity

If you’ve been ripped off by copyright pirates, this site invites you to send your IP tales of woe to EU policy-makers.

This campaigning site is run as a non-profit project by Simon Gentry, who argues that 17,000 jobs a year are lost in Europe due to intellectual property theft.

Campaign for Digital Rights

The UK-based Campaign for Digital Rights campaigns for “fair and balanced laws for the information society.” They have a special focus on music, video, DVDs & computer games, academic freedom and public library issues.

Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

With more than 10,000 members in 86 countries, the Institute not only promotes and facilitates the determination of disputes by arbitration, but also by alternative means of dispute resolution (ADR) including mediation and, where appropriate, adjudication, for a wide variety of business and commercial sectors involving the law, construction, shipping, engineering, finance, insurance, commodities, travel, medicine, health, IT, media, sport and the automotive industry.

Chartered Institute of Patent Agents (CIPA)

The Chartered Institute of Patent Agents (CIPA) is the professional and examining body for patent agents (also known as patent attorneys) in the United Kingdom.

They offer regular advice sessions in central London for anyone considering making a patent application.

Collaboration and Ownership in the Digital Economy (CODE) Conference

A site documenting the renowned international conference on Collaboration and Ownership in the Digital Economy (CODE) held at Queens' College, Cambridge, 4-6 April 2001.

The conference featured key thinkers, creators and policy-makers in software, law, economics, the arts and sciences to ask critical questions about collaboration, copyright, authorship and the public potential of 'cyberspace'. The conference papers, together with video footage of a number of the presentations, are archived at the Arts Council of England.


Copyleft is a free licensing system which enables people to learn, develop and exchange ideas without the restrictions normally imposed by copyright law and royalties.

A relatively recent concept, it was developed by the Open Source movement, and is closely related to ‘Creative Commons’, also featured in this directory.

Copyright Directorate

Provides information and advice on copyright issues and publishes a free leaflet, Basic Facts - Copyright.

Also see:

This information listing has been provided by our partner Artquest.

Copyright Service

The UK Copyright Service is an established specialist in the area of copyright registration, and protects thousands of works by individuals and companies. This can be used as evidence of copyright and proof against future claims and disputes.

Check the website for a brief guide to UK copyright, frequently asked questions, copyright links and details of how to register your work.


An online tool to help protect the intellectual property rights of your original content. Copyscape identifies copies of your written material that have been copied and published without permission. Currently in a beta release and free to use, this tool from Indigo Stream Technologies Ltd. can be used to track web plagiarism simply by typing the URL of your website.

Content supplied by our partner, Enterprise Centre for the Creative Arts (ECCA.)


Copywatch protect copyright owners by offering a 20,000 pound reward for those reporting copyright infringement (specifically for the illegal, systematic photocopying of books, journals and magazines) within privateand public sector organsiations in the UK.

Court Service

Government website with information on courts and how to use them, including making claims.

Creative Commons

The non-profit organisation 'Creative Commons' is devoted to expanding the range of creative work (such as photographs, designs etc) available for others to build upon and share, and their innovative licenses offer an important alternative to traditional copyright.

Rather than the usual '(c) All Rights Reserved' approach that limits the use that can be made of works, Creative Commons provides a '(cc) Some Rights Reserved' license. Creative individuals can use the Creative Commons website to automatically generate licenses that fit their exact needs.

In terms of sensibility, Creative Commons is closely related to the ‘copyleft’ and Open Source movements which aim to keep creative or new ideas and technologies within a public (rather than privatised) realm.

UK-specific Creative Commons licenses (ie meeting UK copyright law requirements) are due for launch in October 2004 and will be posted as they develop.

See the Guardian's interesting article on Creative Commons here.

Read Wired magazine's feature on its own historic covermount CD featuring tracks generously donated by Thievery Corporation, Chuck D and the Beastie Boys - and offered to the public for swapping, sharing and remixing under a Creative Commons licence.

Creators' Rights Alliance

The Creators' Rights Alliance brings together the major organisations representing copyright creators and content providers throughout the media -- particularly, television, radio and the press. It campaigns to promote greater understanding of creators' intellectual property rights within the industry and among the public.

Dear Images: Art, Copyright and Culture

Dear Images: Art, Copyright and Culture
by Karsten Schubert (Editor), Daniel McClean (Editor)

A respected compilation of 24 specially commissioned essays with selected case material addressing the complex intersection of copyright, culture and technology, and how it affects contemporary art practice.

The contributors are a diverse mix of leading legal, academic and artworld professionals, and topics include clear guides to copyright, provocative and detailed studies of 'future' issues such as 'artists as brands', and legal disputes involving artists such as Cai Guo Qiang, Chisto and Jeff Koons.

Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS)

Advice from DACS is to members only (currently costing £25 for lifetime membership). DACS also collects and distributes royalties and licenses copyright under the direction of the artist/designer who is a member, and has agreements with other artists/designers copyright organisations worldwide to protect the copyright of artists and designers in international territories.

DACS is a not for profit organisastion.

More information on copyright-related issues can be found in the DACS Fact Pack. To obtain copies phone the Membership Enquiries Line on 020 7553 9050.

This information has been provided by our partner, Artquest.

Design Council

The Design Council demonstrates and promotes the role of design in the UK via campaigns, research and development and a range of support services.

The easy-to-use website contains a comprehensive section on intellectual property, as well as case studies and lots of useful information about all aspects of design and the design process, written from a variety of perspectives.

Design Protect

An award-winning membership service run by Briffa, Intellectual Property Lawyers. A fee of £40 plus VAT per year allows you to log designs with Briffa, access a telephone help from a specialist lawyer and the opportunity to purchase legal expenses insurance to pursue those who infringe copyright. The service currently has over 600 members.

Apart from the above benefits membership also entitles copyright owners to fixed price bespoke documents for the commercialisation of their work, free of charge workshops and advice and information notes service delivered by email.

Designs Registry (Patent Office)

Patents registered design works through application and provides general information on patents, trademarks, designs and copyright.

Duly Noted

Duly noted is a brand new online Copyright Registration and back-up service, providing protection for creative works and their authors. Secure, affordable and easy worldwide copyright registration, plus a back-up service for subscribers to securely hold their valuable creative works.

Using the latest in fingerprint technology, Duly noted can ensure that once a work is registered with them, not only is it safely secured, but it cannot be tampered with; so in the case of an infringement case being brought, Duly noted can guarantee the authenticity and date of when the work was registered.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

US-based campaigners working to protect free expression and digital rights.

Their directories on copyright hold extensive archives on sometimes-complex IP issues and news related to music, file-sharing, software, video, domain names, broadcasting and many other related areas.


Award-winning, free online legal resource created for lawyers by leading international law firm Simmons & Simmons.

European Patent Office

Established by the Convention on the Grant of European Patents (EPC) signed in Munich 1973, the EPO is the outcome of the European countries' collective political determination to establish a uniform patent system in Europe.

As a centralised patent grant system administered by the European Patent Office on behalf of all contracting states, it is a model of successful co-operation in Europe.

Federation Against Copyright Theft

The Federation Against Copyright Theft is a representative and investigative organisation for its member companies, who include major British and American film companies, media manufacturers and distributors, as well as companies within the television and satellite TV industries. The site offers much copyright information specific to film piracy issues.

Film Distributors’ Association

The Film Distributors' Association Ltd (FDA) is the trade body representing theatrical film distributors in the UK.

The association promotes a distribution perspective on the cinema industry, including film piracy and other IP issues. They also run the ‘Piracy is a Crime’ campaign.


Free Patents Online

New free US patent searching site with more data and features than the USPTO.

Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network

GWIIN works to recognise women inventors and their stories - many of which involve IP and patents.

An international membership-based organisation, it runs an award ceremony for female inventors and entrepreneurs, as well as hosting numerous London-based discussion events on issues facing women entrepreneurs.

Guardian Newspaper's Media Law section

The Guardian newspaper runs a snappy online section covering recent hot topics and trends in media law. As well as courtroom drama reports, the site includes the latest news on the legal side of advertising, sponsorship deals, celebrity endorsements and controversies within the photography/media world (usually involving Photoshop and accusations of the publication of doctored images.)

Registration (free of charge) is required to access this part of the Guardian site.

Guide to Licensing Copyright in Schools

Many artists and designers also do some teaching work on the side. If this includes you,  you'll need to be aware of copyright and licensing issues specific to education.

Issues covered include the broadcasting of audio and video (eg within school plays),the photocopying of images, music or textbooks, or recording radio or TV programmes for educational use.

The site is oriented more for schools (rather than Further or Higher Education) but the same principles apply.

Ideas 21

Of particular interest for inventors and product/industrial designers, Ideas21 is network devoted to invention and innovation, and is supported by government, industry and private organisations.

Its mission is to inform and educate its members on all areas relating to the successful progression from idea to commercialisation.

Institute of Patentees & Inventors

The Institute website is not only about intellectual property rights but also topics as diverse as originality searching, manufacturing practices, pricing practices, presentation techniques, funding and other subjects relating to the exploitation of an invention.

Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys

As the UK’s professional association for trade mark specialists, ITMA's site provides a useful UK-wide locator if you are looking for a trade mark attorney, as well as a guide to registering trade marks.

Intellectual Property Europe

If you’re seeking to understand the patent process within Europe, this business-oriented site offers comprehensive information, including interactive tools for working out how much valuable IP material your organisation may already posess.

Intellectual Property Institute

A leading UK organisation that aims to promote awareness and understanding of IP law.

Intellectual Property Issues

Includes various articles and links about general copyright and fair use, trademark, intellectual property and more.

Intellectual Property Rights Commission

The Commission on Intellectual Property Rightsw as set up by the British government to look at how intellectual property rights might work better for poor people and developing countries. The first Commission meeting was in London on the 8th-9th May 2001, and the final report was published on 12th September 2002. Although the Commission disbanded on completion of its report, this website is intended as a means of explaining the work of the Commission and providing access to the final report and supporting documents, which can all be downloaded from the site.

The idea of the Commission on Intellectual Property Rights originated in the UK Government's White Paper on International Development "Eliminating World Poverty: Making Globalisation Work for the Poor" published in December 2000 (paragraphs 142-149). The aim was "…to look at the ways that intellectual property rules need to develop in the future in order to take greater account of the interests of developing countries and poor people. "

Intellectual Property Watch

Intellectual Property Watch, a non-profit independent news service, reports on the interests and behind-the-scenes dynamics that influence the design and implementation of international intellectual property policies.

Inventing the Future: An Introduction to Patents for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Patents guidance for small firms

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) has published fresh guidance for business owners and inventors to explain how they can use patents to their advantage. WIPO says that understanding the intellectual property legal system is crucial to the development of a business' innovation strategy.

The new guide, 'Inventing the Future: An Introduction to Patents for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises', answers frequently asked questions and provides
tips on developing a patent strategy in a small firm.

The publication can be downloaded from:

IP Kat

The IPKat is an informative and entertaining weblog (otherwise known as a 'blog') devoted to intellectual property news and issues, particularly from the UK and Europe.

Produced by London-based intellectual property enthusiasts Jeremy Phillips and Ilanah Simon, IPKat regularly posts articles and updates on trade marks, patents, copyrights, designs, confidentiality, privacy, publicity and other IP topics.

IPR Helpdesk

Intellectual Property & Innovation European Laws

The main objective of the IPR-Helpdesk is to assist potential and current contractors taking part in Community funded research and technological development projects on intellectual property rights (IPR) issues. The IPR-Helpdesk also advises on Community diffusion and protection rules and other issues relating to IPR in international research projects. Another more global objective of the action is to raise the European research community's awareness of IPR issues, by emphasising their European dimension.

IPRsonline is an internet portal on Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and Sustainable Development.

It contains a selection of relevant online documents and resources related to IPRs and sustainable development including a guide to IPRs, proposals submitted to the WTO, discussion papers classified by topics, a calendar of IPRs related events, latest news on IPRs, and links to listservs and relevant institutions working on IPRs.

International Licensing Industry Merchandiser's Association (LIMA)

International body of accredited licensing companies. Companies that treat artists, designers and other creative individuals badly risk losing their membership. Lists accredited agents and consultants worldwide.

Content supplied by Artquest.

Law Dictionary

The Law Dictionary provides a handy online dictionary service which explains most legal terms in a clear and accessible way.


LA-based lawyer Jodi L. Sax specialises in entertainment and IP, and her informal online blog covers mainly music-industry issues.

London Metropolitan University

The Innovation & Enterprise Unit at London Metropolitan University provides an extensive portfolio of short courses and professional development programmes to meet the training and education needs of the business community.

 The website also includes information on intellectual property rights. There is also a department called Furniture Works, who provide professional facilities, services and courses for designers and manufacturers of furniture and related products.

Media Lex

 A free advisory service for those involved in Film, TV or New Media production. They offer training courses and sell books with contract and legal advice, together with downloadable contracts covering IP issues within the areas of film, TV and new media production. They also offer a referral service to lawyers in other specialist areas.


US-based, sometimes-controversial news aggregator housing info on MP3, digital rights management and copyright.

National Standardization Strategic Framework (NSSF)

Standards and Intellectual Property Rights: A Practical Guide for Innovative Business - Which route should you take?

The DTI, together with the British Standards Institution (BSI) and the Patent Office, has produced a FREE guide which sets out your options for making the most of your innovative ideas.

Standards and Intellectual Property Rights: A Practical Guide For Innovative Business takes you step-by-step through the opportunities available to you to develop and exploit your ideas to their greatest potential. Includes case studies and glossary.

New Media Knowledge

New Media Knowledge is a learning and business information resource for companies and individuals working in digital interactive media.

It recently joined forces with ISBA, the representative body for UK advertisers, and the IPA, representing communications agencies, to develop and launch a specialist ‘Model Contract’ for website design and maintenance. The contract is available free of charge to members of the NMK community – see here for details.

Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Markets

Trademark and design resources from the office of the European Union, including guides to community trademarks and community designs.

OUT-LAW has 5,000 pages of free legal news and guidance, mostly on IT and e-commerce issues. These issues can affect any organisation, and OUT-LAW is as much for those in a software start-up as it is for the compliance team at a bank.

Pinsent Masons is the law firm behind OUT-LAW.COM.

PCAM -Producers and Composers of Applied Music

The UK trade association for producers and composers who work primarily in commissioned music for advertising, television programmes and feature films.

The site contains downloadabe contracts including licensing and copyright. Their helpline can be called by anyone and currently costs 60 pence per minute.

Piracy is a Crime

A non-profit making company formed and funded by the UK's home entertainment sector - distributors and retailers – which campaigns to stamp out digital piracy.


Pro-music is an international initiative to promote legitimate online music services and confront the myths surrounding online music piracy.

Alongside information on the growing number of legitimate online music sites, it features a step-by-step guide to the processes in making music and the teams of people involved, a cross-section of viewpoints on the piracy debate, and answers to frequently asked questions about copyright laws for online music.

Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute (QMIPRI)

London-based Queen Mary Intellectual Property Research Institute (QMIPRI) is a primary research centre for all aspects of intellectual property law and policy, including the contribution of intellectual property to industrial innovation, technology transfer, global trade and economic development.

RAID-AR (Raid- Asset Recovery)

An award-winning, fixed price anti-counterfeiting service run by specialist intellectual property lawyers Briffa. The service includes market sweeps for infringing products, tracking of rogue factories and raids of factories to recover
infringing products.

Raid-ar has associated offices in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and also undertakes, design, trade mark and patent filings in these territories to secure rights.

Royalties Reunited

If you're a session musician, recording artist or backing vocalist, Royalties Reunited is the place for you to find out if you are owed money - and claim it. Registration for claiming this money is completely free.

Phonographic Performance Limited collects the money and distributes it to performers in conjunction with the Performers Forum, made up of representatives from AURA, Equity, MPG, Musicians Union, P@MRA and PPL.

Success in a global economy depends more and more on intellectual property (IP) assets. In fact, IP-based businesses and entrepreneurs drive more economic growth in the United States than any other single sector.

Unfortunately, intellectual property has captured the attention of pirates and organized crime, posing a serious threat to all U.S. businesses at a cost of more than $250 billion to 750,000 jobs per year. While every business is vulnerable to piracy and counterfeiting, small businesses may be at a particular disadvantage because they may lack the resources that are available to larger corporations.

For this reason, the Department of Commerce's U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has launched an intensive communications program designed to educate small businesses about protecting their intellectual property from pirates and counterfeiters.

As part of the program, a small-business focused Web site,, has been created to provide important information on whether and when to file for intellectual property protection, what type of protection to file for, where to file and how to go about it. The USPTO is also reaching out to small businesses like you to provide useful and timely information through seminars, conferences and educational materials.

The-Key is managed by the Patent Office as part of a campaign to make businesses more aware of the benefits of protecting their intellectual assets and to prevent them incurring unnecessary costs. The campaign is supported by the Chartered Institute of Patent Agents (CIPA) and the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (ITMA).

World Intellectual Property Organisation

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is an international organization dedicated to promoting the use and protection of works of the human spirit. These works -- intellectual property -- are expanding the bounds of science and technology and enriching the world of the arts. Through its work, WIPO plays an important role in enhancing the quality and enjoyment of life, as well as creating real wealth for nations.


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