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01 Zero One

Creative Learning Lab: A space for innovation, new thinking and new practice for creative learning, skills development and networking across London's creative industries. Focusing on TV, Film, Interactive and New Media, Games and Digital Design.

BBC Film Network - Clearances

BBC's Film Network runs in collaboration with the UK Film Council. Includes a filmmakers guide to the clearances, from script and music to location and contributors. After all, you’ll only be able to distribute and screen your film in public if it is ‘cleared’.

The site also includes information about the filmmaking process from pre- to post-production.

Film Network is a new BBC website designed to showcase new British film talent by screening short films and profiling the people who made them. The site also provides filmmakers and audiences with community tools allowing them to comment on the films and exchange tips, advice and ideas.


BECTU is the independent union for those working in broadcasting, film, theatre, entertainment, visual art, interactive media and allied areas who are primarily based in the United Kingdom. It offers various IP-related services to members including personal copyright advice, a script registration service and a copyright information booklet.

Brand Licensing trade fair

Europe’s largest brand licensing trade fair is held annually in London.
The site offers numerous links to exhibitors, allowing a snapshot of the licensing industry and multibillion pound global market for licensing artwork, illustrations, animated & other types of characters, movie-based licensing, products, photographs, brand extensions etc.

British Film Institute

The BFI’s site has a directory of copyright-related training courses for film industry professions.

Campaign for Digital Rights

The UK-based Campaign for Digital Rights campaigns for “fair and balanced laws for the information society.” They have a special focus on music, video, DVDs & computer games, academic freedom and public library issues.

Creators' Rights Alliance

The Creators' Rights Alliance brings together the major organisations representing copyright creators and content providers throughout the media -- particularly, television, radio and the press. It campaigns to promote greater understanding of creators' intellectual property rights within the industry and among the public.


Equity is a trade union which represents the 'professional entertainment' sector. Their membership includes actors, singers, dancers, choreographers, stage managers, theatre directors and designers, variety and circus artists, television and radio presenters, walk-on and supporting artists, stunt performers and directors and theatre fight directors.

Equity offers copyright and other IP advice, including contract advice, to its members.

Film Distributors’ Association

The Film Distributors' Association Ltd (FDA) is the trade body representing theatrical film distributors in the UK.

The association promotes a distribution perspective on the cinema industry, including film piracy and other IP issues. They also run the ‘Piracy is a Crime’ campaign.


Independent Producers' Guide to Film and TV Contracts

Independent Producers' Guide to Film and TV Contracts
by Philip Alberstat

A mass of sample contracts collected into book form. Each agreement is closely annotated with comments and guidelines on how the deals are structured. They provide simple explanations of provisions contained within the agreements, identifying potential pitfalls faced by producers as well as giving general advice. The accompanying free CD-ROM contains templates of all agreements found in the book. These are intended to be downloaded and tailored for your own use.

The author, Philip Alberstat is a partner at London law firm Osborne Clarke. Previously he was Head of Media for international lawyers Coudert Brothers and was formerly Head of Legal and Business Affairs for Hat Trick Productions and Head of Media and Entertainment of leading law firm, Baker & McKenzie.

This book has been recommended by our partner, Media Lex.

Mark Litwak - Protecting Your Stories - Borrowed Elements or Stolen Ideas?

This article by Mark Litwak, a US-based entertainment lawyer, offers an interesting discussion of script protection, copyright and 'idea theft' in the film industry. Note that it relates to US law, and you may find that UK law would differ in its treatment of cases.

MCPS-PRS Alliance

MCPS-PRS Alliance is a UK membership organisation which collects licence fees for the public performance and broadcast of musical works, and collects and distributes 'mechanical' royalties generated from the recording of music onto many different formats.

The site has a host of useful info for musicians, including guides to music copyright, broadcast issues and licensing.

The PRS collects licence fees for the public performance and broadcast of musical works.

The MCPS collects and distributes 'mechanical' royalties generated from the recording of music onto many different formats. This income is distributed to their members - writers and publishers of music.

The MCPS-PRS Alliance manages common activities, services both societies and is jointly owned by them.

Media Law for Producers

Media Law for Producers
by Philip Miller

Beginning with a definition and overview of media law, Media Law for Producers examines the court system and how media law is made: litigation and arbitration; contracts (sample production contracts are included); copyright, trademarks, and patents; permits, releases, and insurance; privacy, libel, and defamation; licensing music; working with and without unions; royalties and residuals; protecting your finished production; and special considerations for productions that will be broadcast.

Contracts are a very important part of this book and Miller explains the reasons behind the necessary components of several types of media contracts. Through clear explanations and examples, Media Law for Producers completely covers what producers need to be aware of to avoid legal trouble.

Philip Miller is an attorney in the Century City (Los Angeles) office of Irell & Manella LLP, where he specializes in entertainment and intellectual property law. He writes often on the subject of media and technology law and policy.

This book has been recommended by our partner, Media Lex.

Media Lex

 A free advisory service for those involved in Film, TV or New Media production. They offer training courses and sell books with contract and legal advice, together with downloadable contracts covering IP issues within the areas of film, TV and new media production. They also offer a referral service to lawyers in other specialist areas.


Represents and promotes the commercial interests of independent feature film, television, animation and interactive media companies. Serves as a lobbying organisation, and provides training, events, business advice and subsidised legal services.

PCAM -Producers and Composers of Applied Music

The UK trade association for producers and composers who work primarily in commissioned music for advertising, television programmes and feature films.

The site contains downloadabe contracts including licensing and copyright. Their helpline can be called by anyone and currently costs 60 pence per minute.

Piracy is a Crime

A non-profit making company formed and funded by the UK's home entertainment sector - distributors and retailers – which campaigns to stamp out digital piracy.

The Knowledge

The definitive UK source of contacts within the film, TV, video and commercials production industries.


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