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Draughtsman Service

Drawing service for inventors, designers or those who require a component(s) fabricated or patent application drawings. • Engineering drawings to BS 8888 • Itemised drawings for patent application • Assembly drawings • Exploded view drawings • Isometric drawings I was an engineer with practical knowledge gained from apply my trade on construction sites across the UK. A little over a decade ago I became severely disabled, I’m an amputee, and retained as a draughtsman. I am self-employed and work from home. This permits me to offer a drawing service that’s confidential, individual and dedicated, and allows the inventor/designer flexibility; last minute alterations to the design, drawings in stages to develop the design etc. And with my extensive knowledge of overcoming problems in applying engineering in construction, I’m able to find solutions for the inventor/designer. Simply contact me to discuss your requirements, and/or send a sketch of your project and I’ll swiftly send you a full set of drawings. If you require a Non-Disclosure Agreement in place before discussion, please forward your N.D.A and I’ll promptly sign and return it. My Drawing Service is Individual, Secure, Affordable and Dedicated.

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12 Springfield Road, PE13 4JB

T: 01945 701708

E: enquiries@jonathangrey.co.uk


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