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AVIF Intellectual Property Office

AVIF & Associates [AVIF Intellectual Property Office] is a law firm established by lawyers who already exist and have a lot of experience in dealing with legal problems faced by individuals and legal entities as well as resolve the case through litigation and non-litigation. The existence and eksisnya AVIF law offices supported by the Advocate reliable and have experience, skill and knowledge of the laws that have been tested, have the ability to find a legal solution. Settlement solutions and actions will be carried out by AVIF as the rule of law, which is useful for protecting the interests of the Client and the prevention and defense of legal risks that have been and will be experienced Client. The advocate AVIF are experienced in matters menanganani both civil and criminal litigation, it has been proven professionals with strong teamwork skills and mastery of the law of armed formally and materially, so that clients are satisfied with the performance of AVIF. Handling and solution of legal cases ever handled, among others: the area of ‚Äč‚Äčinsurance, banking, Intellectual Property, Bankruptcy and field Suspension of Payment, the field of labor / employment, draft cooperation agreement between an individual with an individual or a legal entity or individual with legal entity legal entity and conduct investigations related to legal issues and the disbursement of insurance claims. This makes AVIF bold self-publish and offer legal services to individuals / legal entities that require consultation and other legal services.

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  • Free advice
  • Legal consultancy
  • IP specialist
  • Business consultancy
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IS Plaza Building 8th Floor Suite 804 A Jl. Pramuka Raya Kav. 151 Jakarta 13120 Indonesia, 13120

T: +6221-8199011

F: +6221-85992659

E: ipr_avif@yahoo.co.id

W: www.avif-law-office.com


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