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The contact purpose – search of the potential investor/partner in business / in creation of a pre-production model and batch production development the sports plane, No-pilot flying machines, and also other advanced types of transport. The essence of my invention assumes application of the non-standard decision in overcoming various (air, liquid, …) dynamic resistance and their transformation to useful forces, applicable to all known kinds of vehicles. My invention «Completely the rotary dynamic wing (opposite-wing) – stabilizer».

My communication: +380-67-118-0799 +380-98-228-8667 godwood.ky@gmail.com P.S.: I prefer dialogue by e-mail! With best regards! Yuri Knyazev

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/ ul.Brat'ev-Myller, d.5"A", kv.2 , Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine /, 49052

T: +380-67-118-0799

E: godwood.ky@gmail.com


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