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Intellectual Property for Managers and Investors: A guide to evaluating, protecting and exploiting IP

Technologists have the ideas. Lawyers know the rules. But for business managers and investors, rules and ideas don't readily combine into a strategic vision. No longer is IP just a necessary expense for large technology companies. Competing and succeeding in today's marketplace requires an in-depth understanding of IP - its se as a weapon, as a shield, and as a monetizable asset. Yet in a world where fortunes can rise or founder on the strength of an IP portfolio, hesitation to enter this arcane, unfamiliar world still abounds. This book equips the business manager with a working, practical knowledge essential to creating and exploiting IP wealth. It shows investors how to evaluate IP strength and competitive value. With its results-oriented perspective and international focus, Intellectual Property for Technology Managers is essential for those with decision-making responsibility at the interface where business and innovation meet. By Steven J Frank

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Published: 2006



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