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Last updated on 20th November 2017

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  • Has “Blurred lines” blurred the line ...

    Not long ago we have been bombarded with articles in the news regarding the "Blurred Lines" verdict.  But is the decision as fundamental and critical for the creative world as it has been presented... read more

    Published: 04.06.15 at 15:48

  • Copyright law: The new parody, carica...

    A new change in copyright law has been enforced in the United Kingdom through the implementation of the EU Copyright Directive, introducing exceptions within the realm of parody, caricature, and pastiche... read more

    Published: 18.03.15 at 10:11

  • Update: UK Unregistered Design Rights

    The UK Unregistered Design Right also known as "design right" has been available since the passing of the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988 and is automatic, i.e. it comes into existence the... read more

    Published: 13.03.15 at 12:25


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